Social Work Professionals Face Creeping Fascism


From Rabble: The regulatory body for social workers and social service workers in Ontario — the Ontario College for Social Workers and Social Service Workers — is now requiring all social work professionals to disclose whether they have been given a psychiatric diagnosis.

“The critical point to keep in mind here is that, whatever credence you do or do not afford the concept, ‘mental illness’ has nothing to do with safety, despite the regulatory bodies so naming it. There is no proof whatsoever that professionals with psychiatric diagnoses are any less safe than any other professional. By the same token, despite the facile conflation of ‘mentally ill’ with ‘incompetence,’ it has nothing to do competence. Someone with a psychiatric diagnosis may or may not be incompetent, just as any other professional may or may not be. What we are witnessing in short is prejudice and oppression pure and simple. We are witnessing ableism. We are witnessing ‘sanism.’ We are likewise seeing incredible short-sightedness — for the truth of the matter is that people in touch with their own personal difficulties have a tendency to be better helping professionals — not worse ones.”

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  1. “Fascism”? Human Service professionals sure get radicalized quickly when the psychiatric finger gets turned around and pointed at them.

    We are witnessing ableism. We are witnessing “sanism.”

    Sanism (mentalism) yes, “ableism” NO — doesn’t the application of the term “ableism” imply that those with psychiatric diagnoses (a form of hate speech) are “disabled”? Answer: Yes, it does.

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  2. Sadly, and unfortunately, I think episodes like this are a necessary step in eradicating the fascist human cancer which is “psychiatry”, from the human body politic. Note that the article speaks of persons “given” so-called “diagnoses”. After something like my 15th or 20th different, “diagnosis”, I FINALLY figured out that the whole thing’s a scam, and that the DSM is nothing more than a catalog of billing codes. Note that there’s no effort to, nor even hint of trying to, *confirm* any diagnostic allegation. I once had a master’s-level “clinician”, working for the local “community mental health center”, falsely claim that I have so-called “NPD”, “narcissistic personality disorder”. I worked with 3 licensed clinical psychologists who all agreed that I do NOT have “NPD”. But guess who the local court listened to? I was fraudulently charged with a fabricated “crime”, because a police prosecutor believed the master’s-level CMHC “clinician” over 3 PhD Psychologists! Yes, these bogus “diagnoses” result in real harm. As if any of us don’t already know that….

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