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Inadequately Trained Therapists Pose a Risk to Childhood Trauma Survivors

Mental health professionals must be trained in the dynamics of addiction and abuse if they are to help survivors of childhood trauma.

The Complexity of the Indigenous Historical Trauma Concept

Researchers explore how the processes of colonization may impact the well-being of indigenous populations today.

Psychology Needs New Concepts and Healing Models for Racial Trauma

Contemporary empirical research explores new ways to conceptualize and heal racial trauma through anticolonial and sociohistorical lenses.

A Haunting Exploration of a Holocaust Survival Story

From Aeon: "InĀ Nach Am LebenĀ (Iā€™m Still Alive), the Australian animator and illustrator Anita Lester reflects on the harrowing and tragic life of her late...

Research Finds Parentsā€™ Trauma May Impact Childrenā€™s Health

Study uncovers some of the intergenerational consequences of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

How Our Ancestors’ Trauma May Influence Who We Are

In this blog post, Dale M. KushnerĀ explains how the field of epigenetics can illustrate the role of ancestral and transgenerational trauma in shaping our...

Intergenerational Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences

The daughters of children evacuated from Finland during World War II show an increased number of psychiatric hospitalizations.

A Veteran Wonders: How Will My PTSD Affect My Kids?

In this piece forĀ The Atlantic, Brooke King reflects on how her trauma currently affects and may continue to affect her children, as well as...