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National Institute of Mental Health Violates Law on Posting Clinical Trial...

Last year, over twenty major institutions worldwide jointly committed to posting the results of all their clinical trials within a 12 month time frame. NIMH’s frequent failure to do so is especially concerning because evidence distortion appears to be remarkably widespread in journal articles discussing trials of psychiatric drugs.

Joshua Gordon Wants to Remake Mental Health Care

From Undark Magazine: Joshua Gordon, the new director of the National Institute of Mental Health, plans to invest heavily in brain research; he hopes to...

Avenevoli Named NIMH Deputy Director

From the National Institute of Mental Health: Dr. Shelli Avenevoli has been named the new deputy director of the NIMH. Article →­

The NIMH in 2017: Looking for Love in All the Wrong...

The official announcement of the NIMH's new director proudly proclaimed he had been studying things such as “the role of the hippocampus, a brain structure known to be important for memory and emotional processes associated with anxiety and depression.” Is there any evidence that anything will come of these theories — and the expenses demanded of such endeavors?

Joshua Gordon, Columbia University Psychiatrist, Named Director of NIMH

The National Insititute of Health (NIH) announced today that Dr. Joshua A. Gordon will take over as the director of the National Institute of...

Epidemiologists Decry Major Problems in US Psychiatric Practice

In an exchange published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, researchers take turns highlighting major problems in the way psychiatry is currently practiced in the United States. In response to an article by Vinay Prasad calling for an insistence on randomized control trials in “evidence-based” medicine, Jose de Leon, from the Mental Health Research Center at the University of Kentucky begins the back-and-forth by pointing out that this type of evidence has been detrimental to the field of mental health.