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What Fanon Still Teaches Us About ‘Mental Illness’ in Post-Colonial Society

From The Conversation: "Fanon ultimately viewed institutionalised care as a mode of disciplinary power in the regulation of people. He saw it as a...

Indigenous People Fighting to Live Through Community and Activism

From Ricochet: "'Personal individual solutions of therapists, of internalizing it, and that kind of stuff, is problematic,' explains McKay. 'Our own view is...

Psychiatric Retraumatization: A Conversation About Trauma and Madness in Mental Health...

As a clinical psychologist and someone who was herself “diagnosed” and “treated” for “serious mental illness,” NoĂ«l Hunter has a unique vantage point to view the mental health profession. I spoke with her about her new book, which offers an insightful critique of mental health’s diagnostic and treatment irrationalities.

New Study Examines How Police Killings Affect Black Americans

From PBS News Hour: "Police killings of unarmed black Americans negatively affect the mental health of black adults in the states where the fatal incidents...

Who is Responsible for Preventing Suicide?

"A suicide hotline can give a suicidal person someone to talk to. I don’t want to downplay the importance of that. When someone needs...

The Impacts of Structural Stigma With Mark L. Hatzenbuehler

In this video for Worldview Stanford, clinical psychologist Mark L. Hatzenbuehler discusses the adverse physical and mental health outcomes that often result from structural stigma.

Minority Groups Found Less Likely to Get Mental Health Care

From California Healthline: Although people of color are much more likely to suffer from severe psychological distress, they are less likely to receive mental health...

The Elephant in the Room

From Discursive of Tunbridge Wells: Psychologist Rufus May speaks about the often overlooked role of racism in the mental health system. People of color are...

Why I See a Black Queer Therapist

In this essay for them, Steven W. Thrasher describes how seeking treatment from a black queer therapist has helped him heal from the emotional distress and trauma...

Why Society Drives You Mad

In this video for IAI TV, clinical psychologist and vocal critic of psychiatry Richard Bentall reveals why structural inequality, institutional racism, and systemic oppression play...

Effects of Racism on Depression in Black College Women

Black college women endorse more perceived stress and depressive symptoms than White college women, highlighting the impacts of racism.

Your Anxiety is a Political Issue

From Extra Newsfeed: Anxiety is a political issue, resulting directly from marginalization and structural inequality. The solution to anxiety is not self-help culture but activism...

Dear Son: A Mother’s Experience of Psychiatry, Racism and Human Rights

I wanted to spare you, my son, from suffering like I did. I wanted to give you every opportunity I could. You have grown into a good man, a caring and successful man, yet you still have to fear for your life in this country. You still feel pain when you see what is happening.