“Emotional Child Abuse Has to be Banned – The Science Backs up our Instincts”


The U.K.’s Guardian newspaper concludes that “The government is right: children need love as much as they do vitamins – and a lack of it often leads to adult psychosis.”
Emotional Child Abuse Has to be Banned – The Science Backs up our Instincts (The Guardian)


  1. Though I think this author has good intentions, I find it revolting when so called mental health experts refer to childhood abuse INJURIES as bogus mental illnesses like bipolar, depression, ADHD, which can only lead to more abuse, predation and retraumatization by the so called mental health system with their institutional violence and toxic drugs, ECT and other brain damaging treatments for life. I have noted before that it is far from good news for biopsychiatry to claim that bipolar disorder and other bogus, junk science stigmas are caused by abuse or other traumas to justify their fraud.

    In my opinion, it is truly evil for the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma cartel to prey on those who have suffered abuse related trauma at any age and scapegoat them with life destroying “mental illness” stigmas to profit from their suffering or abuse injuries. I also believe that the creators of DSM III to 5 knew that this was what they were doing with the creation of ADHD, bipolar, conduct disorder, borderline and other stigmas to cover up the fact that they were scapegoating and abusing those who had already been scapegoated and abused in their lives as children or adults (mostly women) as easy marks for maximum profit that would result in little public outcry.

    The worst part is that this biologism is especially toxic and deadly for trauma survivors as is obvious from the horrible results in the military and the mental “health” system in general given that the toxic drugs and other brain damaging “treatments” not only don’t work, but cause life threatening effects often leading to early and sudden death.

    When I see articles here and elsewhere claiming bogus bipolar is caused by abuse related trauma, I want to scream since most of the DSM symptoms are abuse, trauma related and since the biopsychiatry/Big Pharma cartel know most people are on to the “missing gene pool” and the real cause of emotional distress, they will just use that to continue to scapegoat the victims as the dangerously mentally ill to justify their toxic, brain damaging lucrative “treatments” in the guise of help while robbing such people of all their civil, human and democratic rights with business as usual.

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  2. As I read this article, I noted an amazing confession about/from a noted genetics expert:

    “Emotional child abuse has to be banned – the science backs up our instincts. The case for it comes from the nature as well as nurture side of the child development debate. In an astonishing admission in the Guardian last month, Robert Plomin, the country’s leading genetic psychologist, admitted of the Human Genome Project’s quest for genes for psychological traits of all kinds: “I’ve been looking for these genes for 15 years and I don’t have any.”

    The null hypothesis of the Human Genome Project will almost certainly have to be accepted: that genes play almost no role in explaining why one sibling is different from another. In the meantime, we need not fear Orwellian intrusion on parents by social workers measuring how much we love our children.”

    Though this is good news that the nasty eugenics agenda has remained an illusion as Dr. Jay Joseph has exposed repeatedly and MIA has posted about many times, as I said above, I am not convinced that biopsychiatry’s apparent willingness to substitute abuse related trauma for their bogus gene, chemical imbalance and other claims to push their vile invalid DSM agenda and toxic drugging, ECT and other brain damaging treatments to prey on and scapegoat those they continue to stigmatize as “mentally ill” and dangerous to self and others.

    Of course, this comes as no great surprise for those who have been researching this issue for many years. Many are all too well aware that biopsychiatry deliberately created the no fault DSM bogus paradigm to shore up their pretense of being real medical doctors when Freudian analysis waned while selling out to Big Pharma at the cost of countless destroyed lives.

    It has already been demonstrated repeatedly that psychiatry’s toxic drugs are useless and deadly for trauma survivors with our dying traumatized soldiers a perfect example.

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  3. “The government is right: children need love as much as they do vitamins – and a lack of it often leads to adult psychosis.” I wonder how many millions of pounds they spent to conclude that. “Emotional Child Abuse Has to be Banned – The Science Backs up our Instincts” And while the UK is at it let’s also ban wars, rape, theft by bankers, etc. Utopia lies just beyond the banning! I suppose only the corrupt UK could come out with this nonsense. Science backs instinct? People have for a long time been capable observers. They noticed that treating children, animals and other people well had good results. Even their religion mentioned this a couple of millennia ago. The real goal here is to justify stealing children from parents. We have scientific proof that you are a bad parent. We have scientific proof they we are gods and you are crummy humans, so off with the children to an institution where we will provide scientific love. How horrible the UK has become.

    In actual fact the gov is driving many adults to suicide. Practice what you preach. The rich elite are gobbling up all the goodies there as well. This is hypocrisy; and The Guardian is the ideal bearer of this pluff science. Next they should do a scientific study that shows that corrupt political figures suffering stress and guilt may be miserable in their later years. Stuff like that where maybe our instincts fail.

    In any case this is all about taking children away and who knows to where. UK has a very serious pedophile problem as does the Continent.

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  4. I am glad this is being addressed, especially the huge evidence favoring environmental explanations vs. the complete absence of any evidence of genetic causality.

    Unfortunately, taking kids into foster care does not guarantee them that love that may be missing in the home. Emotional abuse is frighteningly common in foster homes, and physical and sexual abuse are far from rare. I think the most promise has been shown in programs that support a new parent as they bring their first baby into the world. A lot can be taught in those early months that has a huge impact on both the child and the parent’s relationship to the child over time. This is where I think we should be spending our money, rather than wasting it on expensive experiments into genetic research that will, as the author suggests, always come up empty.

    —- Steve

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