“ADHD Drugs Could Harm Kids’ Sleep”


LiveScience reports on a new analysis revealing that children diagnosed with ADHD who are prescribed stimulant medications take longer to fall asleep, sleep for shorter amounts of time and don’t sleep as well as other children diagnosed with ADHD who are not taking stimulants. “Sleep was worse in every analysis that we did,” said study author Katherine M. Kidwell, a psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Nebraska.

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  1. Lack of sleep is perfect for selling more drugs , as there is something wrong with that kid! He isn’t learning so he needs drugs, and you need sleep fro the brain be able to properly learn and remember material.
    Bunch of criminals and no one to stop them.

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  2. Ok. So this is the path to prescribing a sleeping pill like zopiclone for that poor kid. And, when that causes problems or agitation or sleepiness, add a benzo or an anti-ostchotic… OR up the Ritalin to “shake off the sleeping pill grogginess”.
    Leave those smart, hyper little kids alone. Let them climb some trees and burn off some energy so they can sleep. Get them out of the mind numbing boring classrooms with teachers who want them drugged and compliant.
    I think any parent agreeing to put their child on “psycho”-stimulants should be charged with child abuse.
    How many more articles in MIA do we need to read showing ADHD is a bogus “diagnosis” made up to profit shrinks who have no skill sets and pharma driven profit plans.
    Am I missing something when I read about those parents who are committed to drugging their children and angry that people just don’t get that their kids have a real “disease” but now, thank god, they focus at school and are “better” and easier to live with at home??
    Am I just ignorant? Is there a reason to poison kids with stimulant drugs applied to their lovely growing brains?

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    • Too true. It is ironic that the drugs that “treat” ADHD also cause lower appetite (which of course leads to lower blood sugar levels) and less sleep, both of which contribute to the very symptoms it’s supposed to be treating!

      Bottom line, messing with the brain is a bad idea and should be avoided if at all possible. There are so many other options, but of course, none so profitable, and profit drives policy in this sad world we live in.

      —- Steve

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