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  1. “Don’t give a f**k my conflict of interest is I went to med school to push medications for the industry and this is all about eugenics- we kill and mutilate people under color of law. They make the meds, I prescribe and sell them. They protect us from liability and suits and nothing stops our improper behavior.”

  2. Minimization I am sure is a symptom of some mental disorder or another. I think these docs have personality disorders. They’re always willing to make apologies for the drug. Does is not concern them that 90% of the youthful antidepressant users received NO benefit from using them, while increasing their risk of suicidal thoughts and aggression? And saying, “Well, they had increases in suicidal thoughts, but no one ACTUALLY COMMITTED suicide” is hardly reassuring, but apparently makes them feel better about continuing to prescribe these essentially useless drugs to kids.

    —- Steve

  3. Pathetic. Evidence of the ignorance and stupidity of these so -called “doctors” with big titles and positions. Dumb and dangerous, clinging to any scrap of bogus interpretation they can to protect their prescription rights, no matter how many people they injure, kill, or drive to suicide. How do they live with themselves? Are they just sociopaths?
    Are they aware they have NOTHING to offer patients that is useful or healing, so they grab for the toxic poisons they call “medications” to pretend they are like real doctors? Yep, poison to insanity and then shock, the next brain damaging “treatment”.,. Not one of them admits “I have no f*** clue what is going on or how to help you”. “All I have is a useless checklist. I don’t see you as a person and I need to label you with some one size fits all “disorder”.”
    These are essentially useless poisons but also mind- destroying, suicide- provoking poisons.
    I continue to be astounded by the absolutely useless and dangerous nature of psychiatrists who will toxic poison toddlers, teens, and any other poor human being that stumbles into their path.
    They need to be send to prison.

  4. It must feel sad on some level for these nondoctors, to know that they are little more than pawns of drug companies. Pawns pushing pills that are 10-15% better than placebos over the short term and make patients function far worse in the long-term. For the few who can even consider that possibility and are not totally in denial, that is.

    When I have confronted psychiatrists via email and phone about lack of diagnostic validity and the harms of drugs, it is pathetic to see how scared they are of their critics and how unable they are to respond to criticisms that real physical doctors could easily brush off because their work is based on real science. Psychiatrists immediately feel threatened by people like me that can see that their diagnoses and drugs have no clothes and that they are not real scientists nor doctors. Its almost like talking to children – these psychiatrists use the most primitive denial, avoidance, and projection the same defenses that very young children use to deny aspects of reality that upset them, to cling to their illusions about “mental illnesses” and “medications”.

    Because biological psychiatrists know deep down that if what I tell them about diagnoses and drugs were widely known and accepted in society, their professional status and their $180,000 in average annual earnings would be forfeit. Who would not use denial and projection when facing that black hole…