“How Nazi’s Defense of ‘Just Following Orders’ Plays Out in the Mind”


For PBS NewsHour, Joshua Barajas reports on a “modern day Milgram experiment,” which shows that people obeying commands feel less responsible for their actions. “If people acting under orders really do feel a reduced responsibility, this seems important to understand. For a start, people who give orders should perhaps be held more responsible for the actions and outcomes of those they coerce.”

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  1. When ever people say “just doing my job” or “they are just doing there job” to defend bad actions of others I tell them about the Nuremberg defense.

    The number of people who don’t know what the Nuremberg defense is shows how bad the education system really is.

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    • Great point. When I was threatened in a hospital over a lie, the nurses would say “just doing my job”. Last, I checked nobody forced you to work here in the first place. Unlike you I don’t have a say as far as having to take this Zyprexa. When asked how she could do this to another person. She was “just doing her job”

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