1. Wow, that’s great. Mainstream coverage of the heartbreaking story of one family, and attention on the wider issue facing all families. Only one story on one show on one hour on one network but, STILL, this kind of coverage is really helpful. Credit to Steve Francesco.

    Liz Sydney

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  2. I live under a rock, not literally of course. I wasn’t able to catch the airing but I would like a summary of it. I scanned the posts here the best I could and didn’t find anything that caught my eye. To be honest though I might have missed it as I glance through the articles on the front page. I’m looking for Robert Whitaker. I’m almost totally blind at the moment, I can only read through the corner of my eye, it’s a long story that’s NOYB. I’ve been here for an hour and cant find anything relevant to this. That’s not to say it’s not here, but in my current state I can not find it. Where is Whitaker’s take on this? I would read that how ever hard I had to struggle to do so.

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