Psychologists March Through NY to Call for Trump’s Removal


From The Hill: A group of more than 100 psychologists and mental health professionals marched through the streets of New York on Saturday calling for President Trump to be removed from office. The march was organized by Duty to Warn PAC, a group of psychologists who believe that Trump has a malignant narcissism.

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  1. From over here down under it does appear that he is quite seriously unsuited to public office and the survival of the planet!

    Whether he should be diagnosed with a fictitious “mental illness” is another matter…

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  2. Really? Do people care about “stigmatizing” the KKK or the American Nazi Party?

    I was at a political rally the other day, and there was a man there holding up a sign that read, “Hate is a mental illness.”

    I don’t believe in “mental illness”, but I don’t believe we’re going to settle this matter by excusing Donald Trump of his antics (diarrhea of the keyboard, for instance).

    Of course, to be honest about the matter, we have the example of the McCarthy hearings to put a damper on this type of thing, even if the victims would be alt rightists.

    I’m just at a loss for words when it comes to getting and keeping the–Idiots is the wrong word to use, isn’t it?–out of power.

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    • Frank: “I am anti-psychiatry.”
      Also Frank: “I’m fine with psychiatrists randomly diagnosing people I don’t like.”

      Frank: “I’m an anarchist.”
      Also Frank: “I’d be cool with McCarthy-style hearings [i.e., overt persecution of political dissidents by the state] for people I don’t like.”

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      • We had a rally against NAZIs and hate speech on the University of Florida campus. I was there. If you’re complaining about marching against rather than with white supremacists, well, I will do it again when, and if, the opportunity presents itself.

        Did I EVER say I’d be cool with McCarthy-style hearings? No, I keep bringing it up as a danger.

        Diagnosis is BS, but that’s what psychiatrists do. I never said I was fine with it.

        I know there are many people worried, and with good reason, about the crazy things Donald Trump says.

        If you think we need an escalation in the conflict with Korea, or a wall to keep out refugees from horror-stories in other countries, or massive man-made climate change creating all sorts of “natural” disasters, or a major extinction of the creatures on earth. You can say so. I don’t want to see such things happen. I’m very worried about the course this country has set for itself.

        Don’t put words in my mouth. Don’t speak for me, especially when you don’t get me at all. Thank you, kindly.

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        • I’m genuinely sorry that I misunderstood your quip about McCarthy hearings. The context seemed to suggest my interpretation.

          That said, there’s no need to insinuate that I would somehow be against anti-Nazi marches. I don’t see how that would follow at all from anything that I’ve ever said. Perhaps you should take your own advice about not speaking for people.

          Maybe also leave the Democratic Party talking points behind. After all, Obama was called the “deporter-in-chief” for a reason; also bragged about how the US could destroy North Korea; promoted fracking around the world; never met an oil pipeline he didn’t like; and did about jack shit to prevent further climate change. So it doesn’t make sense to paint Trump as “crazy” for doing the same exact things.

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  3. obviously, it shows that Mental Health, Inc. is about values and control. Mental Health, Inc. is a tool to shut people up and get rid of unwanted people, uppity people, etc. Thing is…

    …does anyone in America, circa 2017, care? Psychologists and psychiatrists are the high priests and priestesses of our society. The Medicalization of everything, and everyone, is so entrenched…I often wonder if there’s any way to turn back, at all.

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