1. “Not to figure out how to take away people’s rights, but how to better serve people who are not accepting services that would really benefit them.”

    Today’s “mental health” services do NOT “really benefit” the majority.

    “I do know what does work, which is loving and compassionate and persistent outreach and building relationships with people,” he continued. “In most cases, that eventually works.”

    What does loving and compassion have to do with today’s defaming, gas lighting, poisoning, and torturing oriented “mental health” services? Less than zero.

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  2. Well, I couldn’t find a comment section on the SanFranChronicle website, so I hope they see this comment….
    What I find most appalling is the blatant and glaring ignorance on the part of these erstwhile “helpers”, these bleeding-heart liberal elites who are both grossly over-educated and dumb as a box of rocks. They are in fact fascists hiding behind a veneer of do-gooderism. Many, perhaps most hard-core “street people”, such as this “Alice” woman cited in the article, have in fact had one too many bad experiences with the so-called “mental health system”, and THAT is why they are now refusing the so-called “help”. What we learn, too often painfully, is that “bad help is worse than no help at all”. Even in my small hometown, we do have a few chronic “homeless”, and “mental patients”. With rare exceptions, they are as they are not *in spite* of the system, but rather, BECAUSE of it. Whether through electro-cution torture(“ECT”), or gross over-drugging, or a myriad of other abuses, these folks have been so hurt and traumatized that they want nothing to do with “the system”. Most “street people” HAVE been through the psychiatric ringer. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, far more harm than good. So-called “street people” are living examples of that testimony. Idiot but well-meaning do-gooders fail to see the TRUTH. If the mental health system *could* have helped these folks, they wouldn’t be so bad off in the first place! The homeless are the canaries in societies’ coal mine. So the SanFran libbies are running around frantic to help the homeless? They need to FIRST take a LONG HARD LOOK at the REAL problem. They need to spend a few hours looking in the mirror. God, they need to spend a few hours looking in the mirror….
    (c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

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  3. If Alice was parked with her belongings on the sidewalk in front of my house I probably wouldn’t put up with it for long, not on the basis of “mental illness,” but whatever actual problems she caused, sanitary or otherwise, for me or my neighbors (assuming there were any, but it would seem inevitable). I may be a bit jaded as I’ve had to deal with more than my share of so-called “homeless” people who are actually just conning people out of their money to avoid working. However the answer to true homelessness is to make sure everyone has a home (not a “shelter”). That may interfere with the laws of capitalism but too bad. There are no other solutions.

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