Fritjof Capra: Systems View of Life


What does healthcare become when science is limited by a mechanistic, machine view of reality? How does a mechanistic view shape concepts of mental health and illness – and deny the fundamental aliveness of human beings? What does the study of living systems teach us for creating a different, more holistic vision? Fritjof Capra, theoretical physicist, systems theorist, and author of several international bestselling books including The Tao of PhysicsThe Web of Life, and most recently The Systems View of Life (co-authored with Pier Luigi Luisi), discusses a shift in scientific consciousness with far-reaching implications for our understanding of mind and mental illness. Photo: Basso Cannarsa


  1. Thank you for this interview. Not long ago I started on a new grouping of oil paintings, and the basic premise of them is that ‘the systems are satanic.’ I agree, the mainstream Christian religions have totally lost their way, at least my childhood religion has. But, absolutely, I still believe in spiritual experiences, and God. Great talk.

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