Patients “May Be Afraid” of Microchipped Schizophrenia Pill


From The Daily Mail: “An anti-psychotic pill which contains a tracker so doctors can check if it’s been taken isn’t being used because it could add to patients’ paranoia, an expert has warned.

The Abilify MyCite has a metallic chip the size of a grain of sand. It was approved to treat schizophrenia by the US’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2017.

But few patients are taking the pioneering new treatment, which costs $1,650 (ÂŁ1,275) for a month’s supply, because of concerns and the fact it costs so much more than usual medication.

The idea of swallowing a tracking chip which transmits signals may be too much for patients battling the disorder to handle, according to a psychiatrist.”

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  1. Patients not wanting to take their zombie pills because they’re afraid they’re being monitored? That’s not a delusion because that’s what the little chips are for- to make sure the patients are properly “zombifying” themselves.

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  2. Anyone with any sense at all will refuse to take this stuff. This is the beginning of a very slippery slope and yet I don’t hear a lot of uproar about it at all. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but if this trend keeps up everyone in the United States will be assigned their drugs to take so that we will all be happy with our bad situations that confront us, created and caused by the large corporations and our own government.

    Dr. Peter Breggin stopped a program to drug inner city kids in the 70’s and he had to do it not once but twice. Of course, the government was going to drug the kids all for their very own good. Unfortunately, what the government didn’t accomplish then is now being carried out by big pharma and psychiatry in the form of diagnosing children with ADHD, being bi-polar, oppositionally defiant, schizophrenic, and on and on. We need to somehow get a handle on this before it goes much farther or our entire nation will be taking pills with chips in them to monitor whether or not they’ve been taken.

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    • Exactly. It seems as if there is a concerted effort on the part of drug companies, psychiatry and the government to get as many people on these kinds of things as possible. Reminds me of a movie I saw where everyone is on government mandated drugs. If you don’t take your daily dose you’re in big trouble because everyone monitors everyone else to make sure the drugs are being taken. Parents watch children and children watch parents and if you’re caught your arrested by the authorities and are given “therapy” to convince you of your faulty thinking for not wanting your drugs like a good citizen. Forget what the name of it was but it’s a fairly recent movie. Very dark and brooding and chilling to say the least.

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  3. You gamble, and maybe you lose some, however, I would imagine this kind of thing might ensure compliance to court ordered drug taking rituals if the “mental health court” authorities ever got wind of it. The price though is intimidating, but you know technology, maybe they can bring it down in time. All they have to do is keep going back to the drawing board and, sooner or later, eureka, it looks like we’ve struck Zyprexa again.

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    • The psychiatrists where I’m at are slobering all over themselves and rubbing their hands together since they see this as another tool in their arsenal of forced drugging. They also love the long lasting shots since people can’t not take the drugs after their little appt. with the needle. They don’t really care that these drugs are so high priced and that the people that they’re forcing to take them don’t usually have a lot of money to pay for them. It’s just absolutely crazy and getting crazier all of the time. And if you don’t take your drugs your psychiatrist goes down to the sheriff’s office and swears out a petition on you so that you’re forced to show up in our little “mental health court”. Yes, we actually have our very own little court set aside just for “mental health” use. And if you don’t heed the summons to court then the deputies go out that afternoon after court and find you. Then they drag you back to the state “hospital” where I meet them in admissions.

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    • Even more intimidating than you’d expect, because you’re using a copper containing transponder, and one of the “schizophrenias” is brought on by excessive serum copper. I’m sure the authorities will tell us the pills are absolutely safe, because the hydrochloric acid in our stomachs can’t possibly have an effect on the pills.

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