Calls for Segregated Mental Health Wards to Reduce Sexual Assault Risk


From ABC News (Australia): “Sexual violence against women in mental health wards is going unchecked, despite service providers’ awareness of the problem.

A new report has found women in Victorian mental health wards are vulnerable to sexual assault, harassment and violence from male patients and staff.

It’s calling for stricter separation of male and female patients in mental health wards and an overhaul of how assault complaints are dealt with.”

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  1. Given the reality that the primary actual societal function of the psychological and psychiatric industries, historically and today, and by DSM design, is systemically profiteering off of covering up sexual assault of women and children.

    I’m quite certain ending sexual assaults, which is NOT in the financial best interest of the “mental health” workers, is NOT going to be high on their priority list. But providing separate wards for men and women, given the problem, would make sense.

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  2. Sexual assaults in mental hospitals? Who says? I quote our Minister for Mental Health from the Hansards in Parliament when asked about this issue “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”. Don’t like a truth around here, ignore it and it goes away.

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  3. Isn’t this akin to campaigning for “human rights” for those in concentration camps? (“Well, as long as we’re going to have concentration camps we should make them as safe as possible.”)

    Envisioning no concentration camps, of course, is irresponsibly Utopian.

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        • Yes, that was what surprised me was that one young woman had been locked in a cage and force drugged because she was visited by a Community Nurse and hadn’t done her dishes. So in order to demonstrate to her why it was important that she did, he ‘verballed’ her up and had police deliver her to the locked ward where she was sexually assaulted by one of the patients.

          Seemed a bit harsh to me but in these days of coronavirus maybe he was right and we need to ensure public safety by enforcing some sort of standard regarding hygiene?

          I saw some pictures of this young woman before they started force drugging her and surely the obesity caused by the drugs is going to make it more difficult for her to do her dishes though. But what an embarrassment to her mum she was, and well this particular Community Nurse does like to do a few favours for the little ladies. I mean he even managed to have a doctor sign a prescription for the spiking of a citizen with benzos without their knowledge. I’m unsure what my wife did for him in return. though feel sure there’s a few rapists in prison would be interested in some favours from this guy.

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  4. I was on a ward once and there was a guy there who kept coming on to me, telling me he would come into my room at night, and no matter what I said in protest this guy wouldn’t desist with his idea. Finally I had no choice but to report him to a staff member. Of course they didn’t take it seriously at all, and even refused to lock me into my own room for my own protection. And of course actually just being allowed to go home to avoid him was not on the table even though I’d done nothing wrong.

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