D. J. Jaffe Was No Friend to Those of Us With Mental Health Concerns


From the Pete Earley blog: “The fears associated with ‘mental illness’ drive the bus of shame, blame and stigma in preventing most folks from seeking help for their respective trauma, abuse and mental health challenges. Jaffe’s agenda, at its very core, [was] built upon disdain for those of us who have struggled in life. As one who has been on the receiving end of people like him, I know only too well the charade of helping that cloaks their true intent. The silence and controlling of human beings because of the arrogant beliefs that they may know more is hurtful. He did not walk in our shoes and had no idea of our struggles. If Jaffe truly wanted to help people, he would have invited us to the table.

‘Nothing about us without us’ was ignored by Jaffe and Torrey because at the heart of their crusade, we are not functioning human beings, we are the others of society. We are dehumanized, and that is a scary and hurtful place to be.”

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  1. Hi Michael, if you’re reading. Thanks for writing this to Pete. Thanks MIA.
    It’s a great response to his draconian tribute.

    Mchael, I came across your short bio some time ago and this that you said, stuck out for me…I was glad to see it.
    ” Every one of us has had [issues], and it’s got nothing to do with being mentally ill.”

    It was a great story by the way, I enjoyed reading it, despite the hardships. Much better and more educational than anything Jaffe could have ever said.
    Jaffe was a control freak, well up to a point, there are a few things in life we have no control over.

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  2. I saw him in an interview with a renowned journalist back in 2017. He was talking about how the “mentally ill” should be psychiatrized since “they will just wind up in institutions otherwise.”
    Makes me wonder if he knew how the standard “treatments” work by crippling and removing the labeled from mainstream society and “functional” people. By ruining our ability to function properly and causing us ticks, massive weight gain, and flattened facial expressions to aid in segregation.
    Very callous dismissal of human beings. Utilitarian and light years away from compassion.
    Not here to bash Jaffe, but point out how this ugly attitude has infected (metaphorically) so many faucets of society. Jaffe is dead, but utilitarianism remains alive and well. Along with the bioreductionist model–which dehumanizes everyone.
    The “mentally ill” are viewed as malfunctioning robots (actually read an article in Psychology Today calling someone that because of her unusually cruel behaviors) but everyone else–by default–is just a well functioning robot. Psychiatry dehumanizes us all. Including the “normals.”

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