AntiDepAware Is No Longer Active


From Behaviorism and Mental Health: “The object of AntiDepAware has been to promote awareness of the dangers of antidepressants.

. . . The inquest reports on the site are detailed and compelling, and reflect Brian‚Äôs dogged perseverance in the face of psychiatrists‚Äô routine assertions that their ‘treatments’ are safe and efficacious.

The articles are heart-breaking. They present the victims and their families as real people with real lives who mistakenly believed the rhetoric that psychiatry is a ‘helping profession.’

Brian’s site should be compulsory reading for psychiatrists, GPs, and other physicians who prescribe psychiatric drugs, and for anyone contemplating a career in psychiatry.

Thank you, Brian, for the heroic and painstaking work, and for the important archives that you are giving us. Your impact has been enormous.”

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  1. Sincere thanks for this invaluable work Brian, and for your lasting legacy of preventive opportunity provided by such dedicated, extended documentation of the relationship between psychotropic drugs and their resulting ‘suicidal ideation’. You have constructed an archive of insight for prescribers who should read your work with an open mind, and with a determination to address issues such as the impact of drug induced AKATHISIA in combination with DISINHIBITION.

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