Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 005 – Breaking the Cycle of Secrecy and Shame with Daniel Pearson


Breaking the cycle of secrecy and shame: How his own mental health recovery process helped a consulting firm partner understand his past and bring his whole self to work.

Daniel Pearson was leading a seemingly “successful life” as a consultant when he hit rock bottom, ended up in a psychiatric institution and found out that he had a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and addiction. He describes his recovery process both as one of the hardest things he’s done and one of the most transformative periods in his life. In this process, he revisits an incredibly challenging family dynamic and realizes he is ready to break the cycle of secrecy in both his life and work. In this episode, we explore how a diagnosis impacts our own sense of identity, the elements of bipolarity in the corporate world’s work hard play hard culture, and seeing both the valuable and less helpful sides of our behaviors. You can find out more about Daniel by visiting If you like what you’ve heard and want to be part of our podcast community, participate in special events, or discover the wisdom waking up in your own breakdown, check out our website at

The Break Down. Wake Up. Season 1 podcast is sponsored by JAEC Foundation: Rethinking Mental Health.