Thoughts on Unconditional Love and Holding the Broken Parts

From Dad of Lilah and Silas:

“Just picture two little babies with their wide eyes and squirmy clumsy bodies needing you to feed them and clothe them and bathe them and hold them and make sure they’re safe. Their little arms reach out when you come near because they want to be picked up and held by you. When you put them down they cry out because, after all, they’re just little babies and they want to be in your arms.

This is our lives right now. Life with two little babies. There’s a lot of love around here….

I’m very comfortable with the love I’m feeling for our babies, it feels really good to love so much….

I chose to have these babies because I trusted that my broken and cynical parts weren’t going to be the ones raising them. But I love my broken parts too and I think they make me who I am….”

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Photo courtesy Sascha DuBrul