ADHD Misdiagnosis Crisis: ‘Condition More Common Than Asthma and Diabetes Combined’ Being Mistaken for Disorder

7News in Australia posted this piece by Cassandra Woodward on the children with sleep-disordered breathing who are being being misdiagnosed ADHD and prescribed drugs that exacerbate their actual conditions: 

“Toowoomba mum Lee still remembers the harrowing journey to her six-year-old son’s ADHD diagnosis.

Her beautiful youngster was suffering increasingly emotional outbursts and inattentiveness at school, to the point teachers suggested seeking medical help. . . . 

A  child psychologist made the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. . . . Lee and her husband were also given the option of prescription medication to treat their son’s ADHD, and its impact on his ability to control his behavioural impulses and to pay attention.

There were just two problems.

The diagnosis was entirely wrong, with Lee’s son among the one in four children being wrongly determined to have ADHD.

Even worse, the kind of drugs used for treatment for would be in effect ‘putting fuel on the fire’ of the actual condition affecting him.”

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