Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Half of New Zealanders Not Comfortable Having a New Neighbor with a Mental Illness

-The 2014 New Zealand General Social Survey showed many New Zealanders feel more comfortable having neighbors with different sexual orientations or from minority groups than with mental illness.

“Hospitals Want to Test Drug with No Consent”

“A group of Boston doctors is proposing to join a study that would provide emergency treatment for brain-injured patients without obtaining the trauma victims’...

Risks of Preterm Births for Developing Brains

-Nature explores our growing understanding about the risks of preterm births for the development of children's brains.

“Is Britain Hooked on Happy Pills?”

The Telegraph provides a forum for Joanna Moncrieff: "The use of antidepressants continues its inexorable rise. Since the early 1990s the number of prescriptions...

Do Magical Cats Really Save Lives?

-Alan Cassels reviews news stories that fawn over the "magical" positive (and negative) psychological and physical health benefits of having cats as pets.

“Soma, Spice and Substance D: A History of Drugs in Science Fiction”

Brian Merchant, writing for Vice, tracks the history of stories about drugs. Beginning as early as the Epic of Gilgamesh “humans have been taking...

Will Hall speaks to the APA

Beyond Meds offers an audio recording of Will Hall "a living example of someone who now thrives as a result of trusting his gut...

“Trauma Inducing Medical Care During the Birth Experience is Often the Cause of Post-partum...

Beyond Meds explores one mother's story that suggests an explanation for post-partem depression: the effect of medicalized childbirth. Article →

“Mother Wishes She Had Restricted Flow of Prescription Drugs to her Son”

"Looking back, Pam Herrera wishes she had asked more questions and been more forceful with her son's therapists," says the Denver Post. "The list...

“Integrated Models in Psychiatry: the State of the Art”

An editorial in Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology explores status of the "tenuous" relationship position of social psychiatry, "given psychiatry's primary orientation to the...

Thoughts About Depression From Under the Sheets

Scientific American guest writer Nicole Baganz, a neuroscientist from Vanderbilt University, explores the connections between depression, "sickness behavior", and the immune system. Article →

“Psychosis Risk Syndrome is Back to Haunt Us”

Allen Frances adds to his catalog of DSM-5 mistakes with the return of the controversial - and ultimately rejected - "Psychosis Risk Disorder", under...

Outrage Over Biotech Party Objectifying Women

“Two prominent women in the biotech community were so appalled by reports about a party at J.P. Morgan featuring scantily clad models that they've...

“Cop Stalks Woman, Has Her Committed When She Rejects Him”

-AlterNet reports on a lawsuit that accuses a police officer of abusing his mental health law powers.

“What Can A Rat’s ‘Behavioral Despair’ Tell You?”

"A 'tail suspension test' is exactly what its title implies. Researchers lift a rat by the tail for a few minutes at a time,...

“Is Everything You Know about Happiness Wrong?”

Sonja Lyubomirsky's book examines the false assumptions we all have about what makes us happy, and points in the direction of how to actually...

“Doctors Call for Drug Advertising Ban in Position Reversal”

On Tuesday, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared its opposition to direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs. The US is one of the few countries that still allows drug companies to advertise prescription drugs in television commercials and magazines.

An Honest Look at “An Honest Look at Mental Illness”

The Connecticut Forum ("a one-of-a-kind nonprofit based in Hartford, CT that presents live, unscripted panel discussions among renowned experts and celebrities, and community outreach...

“The Best Predictor…” (of Pharmaceutical PR Campaigns)

1 Boring Old Man points out the link between (possibly spurious) research findings and a subsequent wave of media articles and ad campaigns based...

End of the Road for Genetics/Behavior Claims?

In Discover, Neuroskeptic discusses a new study that "could undermine the concept of ‘endophenotypes’ – and thus derail one of the most promising lines...

“Doctor: Possible Links Between Antidepressants, Pregnancy And Autism”

MIA blogger Adam Urato on Boston's WBUR radio station, talking about recent research linking antidepressants with autism. Article →

“Justina Pelletier’s Case: Sure, Parents Can Make Their Kids Sick”

Psychiatrist Keith Ablow of Fox News writes "That’s why Boston’s Children’s Hospital, in making a play to take over the life of Justina Pelletier,...

Beyond Meds’ Top Ten of 2014

MIA Blogger Monica Cassani of Beyond Meds has posted the top 10 articles from her website in 2014, as well as a list of...

“Big Pharma’s Relationship With Your Doctor Needs Some U.S.-Style Sunshine”

The Toronto Globe and Mail prescribes a bit of Obama medicine for Canada's health care system: "By the end of this year, President Barack...

“Teach Medical Students How To Be Placebos”

On considering recent research that shows various modes of delivering treatments results in varying levels of placebo response,  medical student Karan Chhabra considers "What combination of...

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