Monday, December 5, 2022

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

“Letter to a Foreign Psychiatrist”

Nassir Ghaemi responds to "a young psychiatrist beginning a career in another country" that "We have lost the ability to accurately recognize our patients’...

“Throughout History, Defining Schizophrenia Has Remained a Challenge”

From Scientific American: "Less than 200 years ago schizophrenia emerged from a tangle of mental disorders known simply as madness. Today its diagnosis remains...

“Power failure: Why Small Sample Size Undermines the Reliability of Neuroscience”

An article in Nature Reviews Neuroscience about low sample sizes suggests, according to The Guardian, that "the likelihood that any claimed effect (based on...

“Brains as Clear as Jell-O for Scientists to Explore”

A process that turns brains into something like clear Jell-o offers "a much more precise picture of what is happening in the brains of...

“Your Child’s Religion may be ‘Mental Illness'”

“Fastidiousness to religious practices” may be a sign of mental illness, according to an article on Time Mgazine's website. "It’s not unusual that children...

“The D.S.M. and the Nature of Disease”

Gary Greenburg writes in the New Yorker that "The D.S.M. has enormous impact on the public health. It determines which conditions insurers will cover,...

“Want to Ensure There’s Not Another Adam Lanza? Look at the ‘Lost Boys’ Around...

Bruce Levine writes in Take Part that "Recognizing the limitations of professional treatment can be sobering but can also serve as motivation for nonprofessionals...

“More U.S. Children Being Diagnosed With Youthful Tendency Disorder”

The Onion satirizes the ADHD "epidemic": "'As horrible as the diagnosis was, it was a relief to finally know,' said Beverly. 'At least we...

“What Doctors Don’t Know About the Drugs They Prescribe”

Ben Goldacre write about scientific triumphalism, dirty pharmaceutical research, and his Ted Talk in the Huffington Post. Article →

“The Virtual Clinic Is Open And Ready For Business”

The Carlat Blog writes about a service that calls itself "'the simplest and most convenient way to solve the most common medical conditions that...

“Talk Doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns Instead to Drug Therapy”

From the New York Times, on the changes that have come to psychiatry: "Then, like many psychiatrists, he treated 50 to 60 patients in...

Five Key Fantasies Embraced by the DSM

A psychiatrist writes in the Psychiatric Times, "While the diagnostic categories of DSM-III and DSM-IV (and soon DSM-5) have provided the basis for much...

“Depressing Truth About Treating Depression in the Young”

An Irish journalist poses as a student and receives seven prescriptions for antidepressants from seven psychiatrists, with little or no information either taken or...

“Our Kids Are on too Many Drugs — and the Drug Companies Win”

Salon notes that "The glut of diagnoses and subsequent medication raises a whole raft of questions about what’s happening with our children, and how...

“Chimps Take Anti-Depressants too”

Salon looks at the use of psychiatry and psychopharmacology to treat traumatized chimps in captivity. The opportunity for a revisionist look at psychiatric rationale in...

“Drugging Aggression Behind Bars”

Truthout reviews the use of psychotropic medications to control prison inmates. Article →

“Can You Be Just a Little ‘Psychopathic?'”

The Huffington Post" Jonathan Appel quotes C.H. Waddington in discussing Jon Ronson's TED Talk about the DSM-5; "There is a congruity between our apparatus...

“A Disease Called ‘Childhood’”

Allen Frances, writing in the New York Post, asks "Is a kid who is more interested in playing outside than sitting in a classroom...

“You Have One Mind, and Only You Have the Right to Change it”

The indefatigable Beyond Meds' Monica Cassani proffers a video from RX that concludes "you have only one mind, and only YOU have a right to...

“Depression, Desire, Addiction: Is Meditation the Answer to Changing Your Brain?”

The Huffington Post touches in on the mind/body connection. Article →

“A Must-Read for Mental Health Policy Makers: The New Edition of Mental Health and...

The Huffington Post reviews "the standard text for students of mental health policy", saying "the new edition focuses attention on several of the major controversies...

“How To Escape from a Psychiatric Hospital”

Speak Out Against Psychiatry offers this helpful primer on an important subject. Article →

“The Violent Disorder of Our Public Mind”

An article in Truthout asserts that "Since all human occurrences take place in society, it is obviously a truism that all insanity must, in...

Yoga and the Vagus Nerve

Monica Cassani explains that yoga can accomplish the same effect on the vagus nerve as implanted vagus-nerve stimulators. Beyond Meds →

The Truth is Often Ugly…

Beyond Meds' Monica Cassani is amused and befuddled by critics who slam psychiatry then advise having "a doctor to help them withdraw from drugs…as...

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