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Summaries of research findings that tell of a scientific need to "rethink psychiatry."

“Hearing Voices: tracing the borders of normality”

-Rhianna Goozee discusses the development of the Hearing Voices Movement and how research has blurred the lines between "healthy" and "normal" minds.

Europe Issues Policy on Access to Clinical Trial Data, Criticisms Continue

The European Medicines Agency has announced in a press release its final policies on the open publication of data from clinical trials. Ed Silverman...

Rejecting Illness as Chronic Contributes to Better Outcomes

Swiss researchers investigated the paradox that both low and high levels of "insight" are a risk factor for poor outcomes such as depression, hopelessness,...

Majority of Anorexia Patients are Prescribed Psychotropics Despite Lack of Data

Research from the medical schools of Harvard University and the University of Melbourne, reported in the December International Journal of Eating Disorders, found that...

Flat Affect Fluctuates, but Predicts Poor Outcomes

Researchers in Norway and Denmark found that in a sample of 186 first-episode psychosis patients followed for 10 years, flat affect was more "fluctuant"...

Researchers Question Findings of Some Correlational Studies

In a new study, researchers argue that correlational studies may not sufficiently account for alternative explanations, and offer suggestions for mitigating this danger.

Arkansas AG Petitions Supreme Court Decision Favoring J&J

Saying that the Arkansas supreme court had departed from 170 years of precedent by deciding in favor of Johnson & Johnson on grounds not...

Antidepressants Do Work Well — We’ve Simply Been Evaluating Them Incorrectly

Not an Onion Study: SSRI antidepressants did consistently outperform placebo in clinical trials, researchers discovered, so long as 16 of the 17 questions about patients' feelings are ignored.

FDA Approves Potential “Blockbuster” Sleep Drug

The US FDA on Wednesday approved a new type of drug for insomnia, called Belsroma. Last year, a lengthy investigative report in The New...

The Genetics of Depression: “Look to the Environment”

A comprehensive review of research on the genetics of depression up to 2012, published online today by Psychological Bulletin, finds "a continued lack of...

Social Phobia is Not a Neuropsychological Deficit

Researchers at the University of Central Florida, saying "there are relatively few existing studies examining neuropsychological functioning in social phobia," found no difference across...

No Metabolic Risk for Antipsychotic-Naive Patients

An Austrian study of the baseline prevalence of metabolic abnormalities and changes following treatment with five commonly-used antipsychotic drugs (haloperidol, amisulpride, olanzapine, quetiapine or...

Do Benzos Deserve a Major Role in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders?

Researchers at the University of Milan and King's College, London thoroughly reviewed the literature available on Medline and Cochrane regarding the use of benzodiazepines...

APA President-Elect Responds to DSM Criticism on Fox News

Dr. Keith Ablow, a former APA member who resigned "in protest," criticized the DSM on last week. Dr. Joseph Lieberman, president-elect of the...

Research Finds Ketamine Does Not Reduce Delirium or Pain After Surgery

Contrary to widely-held belief, a new rigorous trial finds that ketamine is ineffective for delirium and pain associated with surgery, and the drug carries harmful side effects.

J&J Gets $257 Million Risperdal Verdict Thrown Out in Louisiana

A Louisiana appeals court has thrown out a $257 million verdict which held Johnson & Johnson liable for deceptive practices in marketing its antipsychotic...

Some Avoid Antipsychotics Because They Value Psychosis

Side effects, mistrust, stigma, forgetfulness and lack of insight have all been studied as reasons that up to 75% of people with a schizophrenia...

New Research on Prenatal SSRI Exposure and Autism

Does maternal SSRI exposure increase the chances that a child will develop characteristics associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Alberta Long-term Care Homes Reduce Antipsychotic Use by 50%

The provincial government health service of Alberta, Canada recently concluded a successful pilot project that reduced the use of antipsychotic medications for patients with...

Abbott to Pay $1.6 Billion for “Elder Abuse”, Off-Label Marketing

Abbott Laboratories has pled guilty to civil and criminal charges of illegally marketing Depakote for the control of agitation and aggression in elderly patients...

Hearing Voices Network Responds to Susan Inman HuffPo Piece

On Saturday morning, Susan Inman, writing for HuffPost Canada, published “What You’re not Hearing About the Hearing Voices Movement.” In it, she criticizes HVM for “failing to differentiate between the needs of people who actually have psychotic disorders and those who don't.” On Sunday the Bay Area Hearing Voices Network published an open letter in response, writing: “Ms. Inman has profoundly mischaracterized hearing voices networks (HVNs) and also demonstrates a troubling lack of understanding of the empirical literature on psychosis, optimal psychosocial intervention and recovery.”

Dateline NBC to Cover Child Psychiatric Overmedication Epidemic This Sunday

This Sunday, June 12 at 7pm (EDT) on NBCs Dateline will cover MIA author Steve Francesco's book, Overmedicated and Undertreated: How I Lost My...