Thursday, November 21, 2019

Research News

Summaries of research findings that tell of a scientific need to "rethink psychiatry."

Risk of Premature Death and Violent Crime Associated With Schizophrenia Diagnoses Rising

Rates of adverse outcomes, including premature death and violent crime, have increased among people with schizophrenia and related diagnoses since the 1970s when compared to...

Antidepressant Use May Increase Risk of Diabetes

New study confirms previous evidence that antidepressant use is linked to developing type 2 diabetes.

What Transgender Actors can Teach Medical Residents

A new training program teaches medical residents how to provide appropriate care and services to transgender clients.

Sociologist Explores the DSM-5’s Failed Attempt at Validity

In a new article for the journal Social Science & Medicine, sociologist Owen Whooley investigates how the DSM-5 creators failed in their attempt to...

Perspectives on Neuroimaging

A study in BMC Psychiatry explores a range of perspectives on the value of neuroimaging studies for disorders of mental health. The study concludes...

CDC Advises Nonopioid Treatments for Chronic Pain

Primary care clinicians and mental health providers face a particular set of challenges when treating individuals with chronic pain. These problems are compounded by...

Paxil Boosts Estrogen, May Promote Breast Cancer Growth

A trial of a new process of identifying drugs that can disrupt sex hormones singled out Paxil from 446 common drugs as having a weak...

People Think Research is More Credible When It Includes “Extraneous” Brain Images

People show greater trust in studies with neuroscience language, graphs, and especially brain images.

Psychologists Argue for Decolonial Approach to Global Poverty

Individualist psychological models of poverty pathologize poor communities, decolonial approaches that emphasize context and interdependence may be more sustainable.

FDA Releases New Guidelines on Scientific Literature Used for Promotional Purposes

The FDA has released a new checklist meant to clarify the ways a pharmaceutical manufacturer may use scientific and medical literature to promote products....

Gallup: “Americans’ Views of Pharmaceutical Industry Take a Tumble”

“In Gallup's annual measure of 25 major U.S. business sectors, the percentage of Americans with a positive view of the pharmaceutical industry dropped from 40% in 2014 to 35% this year, while the percentage with a negative view rose from 36% to 43%.”

Collective Action Can Lead to Empowerment and Strengthened Relationships

Individuals who participate in efforts of collective action report changes in personality, behavior, and worldview.

Antidepressants Associated With Increased Driving Risk

Researchers from the Taiwan and the United States find through a study of 5,183 subjects with motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) and 31,093 matched controls...

Supreme Court Blocks Generic Drug Liability Lawsuits

In a 5-4 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday that drug makers cannot be sued under state law for adverse reactions to...

Vermont Moves to Community Care After Hurricane Destroys State Hospital

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin "is going to use this tragedy of losing our State Hospital during (hurricane) Irene as an opportunity to deliver the...

Pfizer Settles First of 2,600 Claims Regarding Chantix and Suicide

After failing to win a postponement earlier this week, Pfizer settled with the widow of Minnesota man who suicided while using the stop-smoking drug...

SSRIs Implicated in Drinking Problems

The U.K.'s Mail reports of an effect of SSRIs that, though rare, has shown up in significant numbers of people according to David Healy's...

Screen Time Linked to Increased Depressive Symptoms Among Teens

New study examines how increased screen time and social media may be contributing to depressive symptoms and suicide risk in teens

Benzodiazepine & SSRI Addiction and Withdrawal

The May issue of Addiction includes a review of pharmacological and phenomenological issues around benzodiazepine (BZD) and SSRI discontinuation.  Definitions, perceptions and management of the...

APA Recommends Reducing Antipsychotics for Children and Elderly Without Psychosis

The American Psychiatric Association, as part of the American Board of Internal Medicine's "Choosing Wisely" initiative, released new practice guidelines yesterday that advise against...

More Evidence Antidepressants Might Induce Sexual Dysfunction Even After Stopping Them

A retrospective study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry examined cases of people who suffered sexual dysfunction that endured even after stopping taking SSRI antidepressants.

SSRIs Can Harm Babies Prior to Conception

In addition to the increased risk of respiratory and heart troubles known to accompany SSRI use during pregnancy, SSRIs have been linked to an...

More Support Sought When Others Attribute Depression to Biology

In a study of 86 individuals experiencing at least mild depressive symptoms, a person's willingness to seek support from a friend was not related...

Type of Treatment for Depression is Less Important than Engagement

An international team of researchers (including Irving Kirsch) found in a review "of 62 pivotal antidepressant trials consisting of data from 13,802 depressed patients"...

Childhood Adversity Changes Stress-Related Gene Expression

Researchers in Rhode Island and New Hampshire examined 99 healthy adults for changes related to stress hormones, and asked about their childhood attachment experiences....

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