Monday, August 19, 2019

Comments by John Herbert

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  • Hello Michael,
    When financial interests conflict with the well being of the common interest, whether it be health or access to the rudiments of human existence, then unfortunatley, in the age we live in, personal interests come first. It is an evidence only too clearly proven when we look at any western ‘civilized’ country where the state has an all powerful grasp of ressources and means to maim and kill the citizens therein.
    We need big change fast and the upheavel that is necessary is the only way that those of us who experience emotional distress at sometime in our lives will be given a fair chance of recovery .
    I feel the change is going to be very tumultuous and surprisingly unexpected by many of those who profit from the ordinaty people who are honest and hardworking. This change is not only inevitable but ever increasingly fundementally essentiel and mandatory.
    I can sense it, it is nearly palpable, it IS coming…

  • I’m not a published writer or a visual artist but l do have experience of forced drugging and involuntary confinement. I’m equally against paternalism as my Father was a rustic and violent policeman with military service during the second world war, The only person that ever made a difference to me was my Mother who was also forcibly drugged and given electro shock torture many times. She died too young of a brain hemoarrage. You must have had support to be able to have ‘navigated’ the mental health system without being forcibly drugged at the very least. Yours is a very rare case , the truth of the matter is that most people who come into contact with the services are badly treated and not few but many that l have known personally are now deceased as a result of their treatment.
    Whilst l like upbeat and optimistic stories the truth is far from optimistic .Forced medical protocols will always be torture by any other name..

  • Thanks Sylvain. I too know that in France, coming off psy medication, is very difficult because there are absolutley no opportunities unless one does it without permission.
    The judge that is obligatory costs around 300€ for someone who’s got à job because one has to pay for a lawyer which is also obligatory. In 99% of cases the judge rules that privation of liberty is légal. That’s called justice in France…

  • I suggest that Gotzsche, judging from his books, understands a lot more than you care to admit. I am extremely disatisfied with the way doctors win illicite sums and other perks by prescribing what are, more than you tell us, potentially lethal drugs. It’s proof that because your à doctor does not necessarily mean an intellectual competence superior to that of other less socially advantaged citizens.

  • Good on you Charles, l hope that the nyt will follow your story for a few years. It has to be said that l would never subscribe to the nyt unless they publish à great deal more of this kind of material WITH follow up to make sure of the security of people like Charles. The record of the nyt as concerns this type of reporting is very poor. Unless it gets à lot better l just wont subscribe.

  • According to the doctors who put in place the first neuroleptics in 1955, you ARE labotomized. They do à good job of reducing brain cells in the frontal lobes of the brain. Perhaps that’s just your problem ! As for the dark ages, we re going through them now as far as emotional distress is concerned and it’s treatment. I hope you keep on the treatment at least it affolés us some unfortunate amusement- prick!

  • I believe that the ‘symptoms ‘ as you call them can be alleviated by other means than lobotomizing the person in emotional distress. The biomedical model is the eugenistic method to ‘treat’ à problem that should be disgarded as soon as possible. There is absolutley no scientific evidence to suggest that your lobotimization helps you to live à better life in the medium or long term. The ethical evidence is overwhelming that we should abandon our present approach to emotional distress.
    John Herbert

  • How is it that the number of people supposedly ‘mentally ill’ seems to rise inexorabley? Are not the profits from neuroleptics etc. enough as they stand? When will there be tribunals judging those responsable for forced drugging and the brain damage that this inevitabley causes? When will justice be done to the criminals pedaling these neuro toxins ? The scam has lasted long enough!

  • I just think that those who have never tried Psy chemicals cannot begin to appreciate the pain and suffering that they cause. I know because l am forced to take these substances since the age of 17. What possible spiritual good can be had from being tortured ? I’m 55 years old now, that’s à great deal of torture believe me! Please work towards lifting obligatory administering and focus on human rights, your ethical conscience is so far more important…