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“Not all NAMIs!”: Why Even the Best Local NAMI Chapter is...

Every time I write about NAMI, at least one person approaches me and says, “But not all NAMIs!” Yes, all NAMIs. Every. Last. One. Because even the best of the local chapters are benefiting from the systemic oppression perpetuated by the dominant group to which they are tied. They all participate somehow in sustaining the imbalance.

Patient Advocacy Groups Take In Millions From Drugmakers

Kaiser Health News has launched a new database called Pre$scription for Power, which exposes donations pharmaceutical companies have made to patient advocacy groups. The...

Bill to Force Pharma to Disclose Payments to Advocacy Groups

From STAT: Last month, Senator Claire McCaskill released a report showing that opioid manufacturers had funneled nearly $9 million to patient advocacy groups between 2012...

Pharma Backing of Advocacy Groups: A Call for Transparency

From HealthNewsReview.org: In light of the opioid crisis, lawmakers are growing increasingly concerned about financial conflicts of interest in patient advocacy groups. Ontario has enacted...

So Much Care It Hurts: The Impact of Unneeded Treatment

From Kaiser Health News: A growing number of patients and doctors are becoming concerned and speaking out about overtreatment, including unneeded scans, tests, surgeries, and...

Patient Advocacy Groups Aren’t Always What They Seem

From HealthNewsReview.org: Recent studies have shown that well over half of patient advocacy groups accept money from drug, biotech, or medical device companies, and nearly...

Nonprofit Organization Pushes Big Pharma’s Agenda

From HealthNewsReview.org: The Alliance for Patient Access (AfPA), a nonprofit organization that claims to advocate for patients to have access to FDA-approved treatments, has consistently worked...

Back to Basics: What’s Wrong with NAMI

It seems one mostly needs to already know what they’re looking for in order to find the most established criticisms of this particular organization. And even with knowledge and intent, it can require some fairly persistent Googling efforts to unearth all there is to be found.

New Group Takes on Drug Prices and big Pharma

From NBC: A new patients' rights advocacy group called Patients for Affordable Drugs is fighting for lower drug prices. Because the group does not receive funding...

Many Patient Advocacy Organizations Are Funded By Industry

New research investigates the financial conflicts of interest (FCOI) of patient advocacy organizations (PAOs) in the United States.