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Reporting the COVID Crisis at Psychiatric Hospitals: A Missed Opportunity

In its coverage of the impact of COVID on psychiatric hospitals, the media missed opportunities to challenge stereotypes and interrogate problems with current carceral approaches to mental health treatment.

AP Exclusive: Washington Psychiatric Hospital Called “Hell”

From WSMV: "Despite a shakeup in leadership and vows to correct problems, the hospital continually puts patients at risk, according to a recent surprise federal inspection....

Selling Nicotine on a Psych Ward

A psych hospital is like any other institution of total control. You have locked doors around you, there are guard-like mental health workers, and you only have so many ways to get by. Some people choose to sleep all the time. Some people choose to pace. And some people choose, given the right time and the right opportunity, to learn to steal or to get by in other ways.

Police Not Told of Sexual Assault Reports by Mental Patients

From The Age: According to a new report, sexual assault claims by mental health patients are not being reported to the police or even the...

How I Know That Psychiatric Hospitals Don’t Cure Gun Violence

In this piece for the Hartford Courant, Kathleen Flaherty describes why President Trump's assertion that more psychiatric hospitals would prevent mass shootings is inaccurate and...

Apology Sought for Confinement of People with Disabilities

From the National Post: An independent report found that disabled people were being unjustly confined in a Nova Scotia psychiatric hospital. Law professor Archie Kaiser...

Twenty Years of Art at Bethlem Hospital

From BBC: At Bethlem Royal Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in London, patients are given the opportunity to work in the hospital's art studios as part...

State Spends $90 Million on Unnecessary Mental Health Care

From the Star Tribune: Minnesota taxpayers have shelled out more than $92 million to house patients at a state psychiatric hospital who no longer require...

State Permanently Closes Psychiatric Hospital

From The Boston Globe: The state of Massachusetts has permanently closed the Westwood Lodge psychiatric hospital due to issues of patient safety, quality of care,...

When Oregon Sent its Most Troubled Patients Into the Woods

From TIME: In 1972, 51 of the most troubled mental health patients at Oregon State Hospital were sent into the woods for a camping trip....

“Prisoners or Patients?” NJ Psych Hospitals Restrict Patient Rights

As of Jan. 1, visitors at New Jersey's state psychiatric hospitals can no longer bring in food, beverages or items to patients. The new policy also prohibits...

Many Psychiatric Patients Sent Home With Multiple Antipsychotics Against Guidelines

Despite the fact that clinical practice guidelines specifically recommend against the use of more than one antipsychotic at once, new research reveals that as...

Investigative Reporting on Florida’s Mental Hospitals Wins Pulitzer Prize

A team of reporters and data specialists from the Tampa Bay Times and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune spent more than a year investigating Florida’s largest...

The United Met States of Psychiatry

Psychiatry‚Äôs desperate drive to legitimize itself as a profitable medical authority has resulted in a mass delusion so pervasive and destructive that it's put us on a path towards societal collapse. This is not an overstatement, in my opinion, as the statistics are mind-boggling‚ÄĒ one in five Americans are on psychiatric drugs. One in five. By my calculations, this means that 62,913,200 people ingest mind-altering, body-altering, spirit-altering pills they believe to be ‚Äúmedications‚ÄĚ on a daily basis.