“Jason Dias: Here’s The Real Reason Behind All These Shootings”


Existential therapist and writer, Jason Dias, claims that there is something deeper and more pervasive than guns, drugs, or mental illness at the bottom of the United States’ mass shooting problem. On aNewDomain he writes: “We have to acknowledge that people who are despairing right now, they’re the sane ones, the normal ones. It makes sense to despair when you’re looked down on, tormented, bullied. When you feel different and you’re alienated. When your culture is alienated. When violence is glorified not by movies and games and television, but by the government, by the news. When violence is fetishized by political parties.”

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  1. I just read the article and it was really good.

    I don’t know of I am out of line but a little part of me said good for him when I saw this “mass shooting” : News Reporter and Cameraman Killed on Live TV in Moneta, Virginia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQxm6JdRZ8E Viewer discretion advised.

    That news reporter and the one being interviewed just seemed like the those phony kind of people that just help make the world suck with there B.S

    I am really not a psycho at all but when I saw this on the news I just didn’t care. I think they asked for it but never thought they would get it. Kind of funny actually.

    Again great article on these shootings, well done.

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  2. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says and concludes, for instance he equates “mental illness” with “evil”:

    “there’s really no such thing as mental illness, or objectively speaking, as evil … mental illness, like evil, is just a category.”

    Most the so called “mentally ill” are victims, not “evil” … a fact, read ‘Anatomy’ or John Read’s research:


    And many who have dealt with the “mental health industry,” are forced to question their belief in the inmate goodness of ALL people, since the “mental health industry” is “torturing” it’s patients, after promising to “first and foremost, do no harm.”


    But this author does makes some very good points:

    “it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

    “we’ve been turned against one another, white and black people, white and brown people, Christians and Muslims and Jews, scientists and the religious, rich and poor. Meanwhile a few people have walked off with our freedom. ”

    This is a known tactic in war, or ruling, known as “divide and conquer” or “divide and rule.” This is the way today’s international corporate / banking “elite” have chosen to rule, and commit mass atrocities worldwide – although the wars are blamed on the American people, who disagree with the tactics of these internationalists.

    And this discusses what appears to be the playbook that these “elite” (claiming to be of many religions) have been using to bring about their goal of total control of the world:


    What if those of us who were drugged for disgust at 9.11.2001, and feared that event could lead us towards a WWIII, were more intuitive or “insightful,” than “mentally ill”? Only time will tell. God save the decent, of all religions and nations.

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