In this video Art Levine relates the story of a man newly released from an institution who kills his father with a baseball bat to ‘send him to heaven’:-

    “Antipsychotics” suppress normal human feelings and reactions leaving a person in a state of drugged “apathy” – where they are not ” too bothered about anything”. This is how “antipsychotics” work.

    From a state like this, it’s not too hard for me to see how a heavy consumer could behave like this “released man” behaved.

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  2. Andrea Yates was diagnosed as insane but even when someone is insane they’re still in their own minds and emotions. But when they’re under the influence of neuroleptics, the drugging sabatages mental function to the extent that they become “zombies”(/people with no responsibility).

    I don’t think it was her family’s fault either – the drugs were too dangerous to be used in the way they were used.

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    “…Linda Walicki, an untreated psychotic of 25, killed her father aged 53 and her brother aged 15, and then attempted to kill her mother (Sydney Morning Herald, 7 July 2007)…”

    As far as I know Linda Walicki was reduced from a Neuroleptic Depot Injection to the equivalent of 25mg of Chloropromazine (a dosage suitable for hiccoughs).

    I also came off a Depot Injection in 1983 and reduced to 25mg chloropromazine (in 1990)

    THIS is What Happened in Between:-

    In December 1983 2 months after being given permission to discontinue modecate depot injection ..

    ..I ended up in hospitable in a Suicidal State. I was reintroduced to Modecate Depot in hospital and released. The dosage volume was then raised somewhat and shortly afterward I attempted suicide (Akathisia). I was again hospitalized. I spent sometime in day care.

    I attempted to Discontinue Modecate again I found myself becoming very shaky so I approached doctors again. I asked for an alternative to Modecate Depot as this drug was causing Disabling Involuntary Movements. Depixol Depot was suggested as an alternative drug with less “movement” problem.

    I was injected with twice the introductory dose of Depixol Depot. After about a day I became extremely agitated (Akathisia) and attempted to have myself hospitalized but entry was refused.

    I came back again to hospital sometime later and eventually was hospitalized. I stayed for less than 2 days and never took Depot injection again.

    My Disabling “Movement” Problems stopped shortly afterward and I then came off Disability Payments (for good).

    Fortunately I recognized “Drug Withdrawal Syndrome” and asked for oral medication, which I tapered very carefully from, and by 1990 I was down to 25 mg chloropromazine (suitable for hiccoughs), and from there – nothing.

    *I had originally asked my Psychiatrist Dr PA Carney *(author of the above paper) to do something about my Disabling Drug Induced “Movement” Problems on Modecate Depot Injection. He attempted to do this, but was unsuccessful so he offered me the option of Depot discontinuation in October of 1983.

    NOTE:- there is NO mention in the above Research Paper of:-
    1. Drug Induced Akathisia (Suicidal)
    2. Drug Rebound Syndrome or
    3. Full Recovery as a result of careful discontinuation of Strong Psychiatric “medication”.

    I suppose if the Researchers don’t Record the dangers – they don’t exist.

    (In 1980 I was originally transferred from the Maudsley Hospital London, to Galway Ireland Psychiatric Unit; and on Admission was described in Terms of Wellness by Admitting Doctor, Dr Fadel).

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