Normalizing the Voices in Our Heads


From CFJC Today: “Hearing voices is often regarded as a sign of mental illness. But maybe voices are just part of a spectrum.

Professor T. M. Luhrmann says the idea of a continuum of voices is gaining recognition:

‘This is the new axiom of the psychotic continuum theory: that voices are not the problem. The problem is the way people react to their voices,’ says the professor of Anthropology at Stanford University (Harper’s magazine, June, 2018).

Luhrmann has been studying voices for decades and found people with intense experiences who aren’t psychotic.

Luhrmann met one man at a Hearing Voices workshop. ‘His voices would yell at him for hours, cursing him, screaming that they should drag him out to the forest and leave him to die in the leaves.’ He was encouraged to placate them. One of his voices was obsessed with Buddhism, so he agreed to read Buddhist texts and offer prayers during an allotted hour. Within a year, he had almost completely transitioned off medication.

Rather than treating voices as a disease, a better plan might be to treat them as part of rainbow of voices — some relatively benign, some requiring therapy.

‘The central insight of these methods is that the way people respond to their voices can change the course of their lives,’ says Luhrmann.”

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  1. I agree, normalizing “voices” should occur. Right now the mental health professionals are so obsessed with “voices” that they believe dreams, gut instincts, and even an unknown, but real, voice in a parking lot, are “voices,” “voices,” “voices in head.” Today’s mental health professionals are obsessed with “voices.” Everything is a “voice” to today’s lunatic “mental health professionals.”

    But then when you actually get antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome “voices,” the mental health professionals aren’t remotely concerned, and tell you the “voices” aren’t real. Even when they’re the “voices” of satanic pedophiles that are real people.

    Plus the mental health professionals actually declare these real people to be “fictional,” despite the fact they’re not. But this does give those child abusing and child sacrificing, “cocaine dealing,” apparently Moloch worshipping satanists, the “delusions of grandeur” they should “write” books about how they’re delusions of grandeur filled “Mag men.”

    Thankfully, the drug induced satanic pedophile “voices” do go away as one is weaned off the drugs. And what’s kind of interesting is as one is weaned off the drugs, decent “voices,” supposedly from within the “collective unconscious,” harass the drug induced satanic pedophile “voices.” And the wife of that satanic, delusions of grandeur filled “mag man” pedophile, ends up lying down in a church basement in front of you, like a defeated lunatic.

    Especially in a world where “voice to skull technology” does apparently exist. I think the mental health professionals need to start acknowledging the possibility that “voices” may be real, due to the fact technologies do apparently exist that can create “voices” in people’s heads.

    But it might be wise for the mental health professionals to stop blaspheming those who believe in the Holy Spirit, and covering up child abuse for the religions on a massive scale. Since today over 80% of those labeled with the “psychotic and affective disorders” are actually misdiagnosed child abuse survivors, over 90% of those labeled as “borderline” are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors.

    In part at least, because God, the spiritual realm, and/or a “collective unconscious” may also exist. Some human distress may actually be due to psycho or social or spiritual or criminal reasons, which today’s bio-bio-bio only believing DSM mental health professionals completely deny.

    There may actually be a reason for spiritual dreams that the current bio-bio-bio, material world only believing, all distress is a brain disease believing, mental health professionals are ignorant of?

    Grow up mental health professionals, you’re not actually God. You did not create the universe, you’re not the judges of all of humanity. How delusions of grandeur filled can you people be, to believe that it is your job to unjustly defame, torture and slowly try to murder as many innocent humans as you can, for profit? You are the satanists. Let’s pray the real judge, judges all fairly.

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  2. I can own my reaction and response to ‘voices’ without normalizing them. I see no value at all in declaring them to be normal. They are quite obviously unusual – and to try and convince myself (or worse, others) that they are ‘normal’ is a waste of time and contrary to the evidence we have.

    Moreover their unusualness has specific characteristics that provoke the brain (automatically) and mind (cognitively, once you become aware of it) in particular ways. If I am to own my reaction/response to them, it is the difference (compared to ordinary stimuli) that I need to focus on to do so.

    I fail to see how normalizing them has any direct merit. Indirectly it may lead me to abandon the search for what causes them, which can be useful in that it shuts down all the hypothesizing that becomes the experience.

    I do this directly – simply by acknowledging that they exist and that I am not in control of their origin. No need for distortion.

    The point at which I can act is when I become aware of them (not that that is a problem). The way to spot them instantly is to notice their difference – and then to train my reaction/response to be more useful.

    Some seem to think that ‘normalizing’ them may reduce stigma. I prefer to simply say I cannot manage the perception of others, nor do I need to. It is my own reaction / response that I choose to manage; and if I do that others will be responding to me ‘normally’ anyway.

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