Jyl Ion: Awakening as a Medium


Jyl Ion hears voices, but she refuses to view these non-ordinary experiences as a sign of mental illness. Instead Jyl came off 16 years of multiple toxic medications, talks to her ancestor spirits and has reclaimed access to unsanctioned knowledge. She struggled through the aftermath of sexual violence and was bedridden for two years of illness withdrawing from psychiatric meds – and now emerges as a strong survivor.

Today Jyl has turned her voice hearing and her traumatic past into gifts, and works professionally as a forensic medium helping law enforcement solve missing persons cases. Her new book of poetry is called Soft Out Spoken.


Jyl’s Website


  1. Great interview Will.

    Glad to hear a positive story, although I cannot agree that the term “doctor” is proper.
    Neither is the term “medicine”, at least not how we tend to use it. Although
    we simply seem to adopt words that culture uses.

    We know that a PHD will rarely apologize, if his name is “doctor”.

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