New Research Letter Supports Amsterdam and McHenry Against GlaxoSmithKline

Psychiatrist Edward Tobe offers support to Amsterdam and McHenry's whistleblower complaints against GlaxoSmithKline for research misconduct.


Mad in America recently reported on the work of Jay Amsterdam, a prolific researcher who filed federal whistleblower complaints about GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) research misconduct as well as academic corruption in the publication process. Amsterdam also published his findings in papers published in 2012 and 2019, both co-written with bioethicist Leemon McHenry.

Now, Edward H. Tobe, a psychiatrist affiliated with the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, has written a letter to the editor (published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Scientific Practice and Integrity) supporting Amsterdam and McHenry’s work.

“I thank Dr. Amsterdam and Dr. McHenry for providing a crucible of probity that encourages the reader’s vigilance and warns against idealizations that obscure truth,” he writes.
A logo sign outside a facility occupied by GlaxoSmithKline, in Rockville, Maryland on April 4, 2015. Photo credit: Kristoffer Tripplaar/ Sipa USA *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field ***

Especially compelling, according to Tobe, was Amsterdam’s inclusion of internal industry documents like emails and memos between GSK employees, ghostwriters, and academics—indicating that they all colluded in research misconduct. Tobe writes:

“The documents contain verbatim emails that describe the naked ambitions of a corporation, a prominent scientific journal, colluding specious academics, ghostwriters, and pharmaceutical company marketers. The colluders reaped profits at the expense of medical and academic integrity.”

Amsterdam spent decades uncovering and publishing data about GSK’s research misconduct, especially concerning a ghostwritten, plagiarized paper to which Charles Nemeroff appended his name as the ostensible “first author.”

Tobe cites group psychology to explain how Amsterdam’s data—even the blatant statements in the internal documents—can still be ignored.

“Whistleblowers, commonly lone wolves, face expulsion from the group,” Tobe writes. “This expulsion is often justified by false allegations of corruption and incompetence to lessen the merit of the whistleblower’s disclosure.”

In the end, Amsterdam’s work has resulted in little to no change, according to Tobe.

“The corrupt Nemeroff et al. paper has never been retracted. At the date of this written response, according to Google Scholar, there have been 500 citations of the Nemeroff et al. fraudulent publication, 15 citations of the 2012 Amsterdam and McHenry paper and no citation of the latest 2019 Amsterdam and McHenry paper. The editors of The American Journal of Psychiatry have elected to not inform their readers that the information in the Nemeroff et al. paper is flawed.”



Tobe, E. H. (2020). The iceberg of improbity. Journal of Scientific Practice and Integrity, 2(1). DOI: 10.35122/jospi.2020.966381 (Link)


    • I remember The Wizard of Oz where the humbug says, “I’m a very good man, but a very bad wizard.”

      My guess is there are a number of psychiatrists who could say, “I’m a very good person, but a very bad doctor.” Assuming they are well meaning but clueless makes it easier to forgive the damage.

      Like Dorothy and her friends I’m still very angry at their deception. And–unlike Oz–they continue to keep the up charade.

      Psychiatry means never having to say you’re sorry.

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      • The good faith defense.

        It says in my Book that they will take their oaths as a cover. “First do no harm”. And all that is necessary to breach that oath is to exercise ones right to silence and not a soul can hold you to account for anything you chose to do to someone labelled ‘patient’.

        Of course when I tried to exercise MY right to silence with a psychologist (note not MY psychologist) I was ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines and had a knife planted on me to allow police to point weapons and deliberately cause an “acute stress reaction” (ie the use of a known torture method). It is so fortunate for these criminals that these methods are only being enabled by the Minister for people who the have labelled “mental patient” and thus can break the covenant of the Convention against the use of Torture by calling torture “medicine”.

        Oh wait, that was the point of involving police, to bring the person under the control of mental health services and allow the kidnapping and torture of any citizen in the State. Can’t ‘treat’ a citizen against their will, have police make referral to you by spiking a target and planting a knife on them for police to find and make referral to people prepared to commit acts of fraud on statutory declarations (ie a Community Nurse dispatched to snatch people from their homes).

        And the really good news is that even if this can be proved the State will simply commit further acts of fraud to make the target appear to be ‘mental patient’ and slander them before subjecting them to ‘treatment’ for complaining about being kidnapped and tortured, because that of course is a mental illness if the ‘good’ doctor says so right?

        “Psychiatry means never having to say you’re sorry.”

        I do have a letter from our Chief Psychiatrist saying he apologizes for his “error” in my instance Rachel777. What I found most interesting is that he then did nothing to assist the victim of these criminals (that I was made aware of). What was his “error”? Not noticing that they were arranging an unintended negative outcome in the E.D. for me (and how many others before [and more significantly after] me).

        It was a rather vague letter and I assume he wasn’t going to make any admissions when the standard operating procedure of Australian governments is to do cover ups, and violate their oaths and any agreements they have made with International bodies such as the United Nations. We can’t have people knowing we’re using our hospitals for such evil purposes, it’d get us a bad name, so we should just exploit the trust given to us and kill anyone who has a valid complaint. Then of course we can hear the mumbling in Parliament about the need for whistle blower protections, and sit on our hands. And of course it did mean they could ensure that any other missed ‘outcomes’ could be well concealed just in case anyone, despite the threats, did actually look.

        But really, why would you bother saying sorry when you can kill anyone who disagrees with you and call it medicine. And those charged with a duty to ensure the protections of the law are enforced look the other way, nah in fact give ‘the nod’.

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  1. “Whistleblowers, commonly lone wolves, face expulsion from the group,” Tobe writes. “This expulsion is often justified by false allegations of corruption and incompetence to lessen the merit of the whistleblower’s disclosure.”

    Anyone who speaks out against psychiatry gets treated like this, don’t they? And what’s sad is the “mental health” system bought out the pastors and bishops of at least some, if not all, of the Christian churches, with their “zipper trouble” covering up crimes.

    And all this child abuse and rape profiteering is by DSM design.

    So if you speak out against the fraud of psychiatry, or our modern day psychiatric holocaust, in many of the Christian churches today, or even speak out against the impropriety of men abusing women or children.

    You need to leave at least some of these formerly Christian, now systemic child abuse and rape covering up and profiteering, paternalistic to the point of being misogynistic, DSM “bible” believing religions. At least if you don’t want them to have their psychologists and psychiatrists attempt to murder you, or their psychologists attempt to steal from you.

    And I do now have medical proof of 14 distinctly different attempted murders, via above recommended doses of anticholinergic toxidrome inducing psych drug cocktails. As well as a legal document, proving a male Lutheran psychologist wanted to steal all profits from my work, eventually steal all my work, and take control of all my money and my story. Of course, I refused to sign that contract.

    I’m quite certain that bringing about truth in the “mental health” industries, as well as their bought out mainstream paternalistic religions, is greatly needed. Thank you for pointing out the scientific fraud of the “mental health” industries, Peter.

    And I will just say, now that the psychiatrists believe, without any genetic testing, that those of us who have a father and a son who are both Phi Beta Kappa members. As well as having a brother and a cousin who are Olympic back up and actual Olympic athletes.

    The best, brightest, and most physically fit, are the people with the “bad genetics,” according to the scientific fraud based US psychiatrists’ today. So who exactly do the US psychiatrists believe have good enough “genetics” to warrant a right to life? No one, but themselves, it would seem.

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