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“The Anger and Rage Collection: What we Don’t Engage we Cannot Transform”

Another from the indefatigable Monica Cassani, on a theme close to the heart of this website: working with and through anger. Thank you, Monica. Beyond Meds →  

“When Does That Go On Trial?”

1 Boring Old Man scrutinizes the evidence that Johnson & Johnson hid evidence of Risperdal's breast-growing properties, among other improper actions, concluding "The story...

“The Ugly Ducklings of Science”

Neuroskeptic explains "the ability of researchers to eventually squeeze support for a theory out of initially negative data," a problem that, though sometimes outright...

J&J Tries to Block a Reporter from Courtroom

Philadelphia Inquirer reporter David Sell writes of Johnson & Johnson's attempt to remove him from the courtroom during jury selection for the upcoming Risperdal...

Sunday Humor: “Choosing Wisely” Helps You Dance More With Fewer Meds

University of British Columbia pharmaceutical science professor James McCormack and his band's latest music video turns Pharrell's Williams' hit "Happy" into "Choosing Wisely," a...

FDA Invites Comments on Guidelines for Informed Consent

The United States Food and Drug Administration is inviting comments on its new draft guidelines for informed consent. "This guidance is intended to provide...

“To CDC on Children’s Mental Health: Consider Office of Homeland Attachment Security”

Claudia Gold writes in the Boston Globe, "The time has come to recognize the overwhelming evidence regarding the importance of early relationships in healthy...

“The Computer Will See You Now”

The Economist reports on "Ellie," a programmed, virtual psychologist designed by researchers at the Institute for Creative Technologies in Los Angeles, who has a...

“Tuesday Morning at the Old Asylum”

Jessica Griffith writes "I love the idea that we used to shelter not only the criminally dangerous but the sick in the soul, the...

“New fMRI Study Sheds Light on Effectiveness of fMRI Studies“

A new study has raised new questions about how MRI scanners work in the quest to understand the brain. The research, led by Professor...

Recognition That “Mental Illness” Is Not What We’ve Been Told

Monica Cassani reviews an article in the Wilson Quarterly about the changing paradigm of mental illness and the failure of the psychopharmacological era. Beyond Meds...

“Double Standard in Medication Compliance for Those Diagnosed with Mental Illness”

PsychCentral offers a take on noncompliance: "The moment we decide for others why they experience something as they do is the moment at which...

Letters to the Editor: “The Treatment of Choice”

Readers respond to the New York Times article, “The Treatment of Choice,” about innovative programs for psychosis and schizophrenia that involve patients and their families in treatment decisions. “Narratives of success counter a drumbeat of faulty links of mental illness and violence, inaccuracies which serve only to further stigmatize and isolate individuals with psychiatric illness.”

Prominent Patient Safety Advocate Was Taking Kickbacks from Pharma

ProPublica revisits the story of Dr. Chuck Denham, the previous editor of the Journal of Patient Safety and former "co-chairman of a committee that...

“When Pills Are the Problem”

In the context of the Silicon Valley suicides, one mother offers her story about her daughter. “It’s my premise that not only the culture of Silicon Valley, but also, almost more importantly, the nature of the remedies that are being proposed in the name of mental health counseling, are to blame in these deaths.”

“The Psychological is Political”

Joanna Moncrieff writes in Occupied Times that "The concept of mental illness is useful partly because it provides a conveniently elastic justification for control and...

“Dr. Insel’s Blog is not big News… It’s an Affirmation of Something That has...

1 Boring Old Man incisively analyzes NIMH director Thomas Insel's disavowal of the DSM, saying "it’s not likely to be a shock to the...

“Cop Stalks Woman, Has Her Committed When She Rejects Him”

-AlterNet reports on a lawsuit that accuses a police officer of abusing his mental health law powers.

Sunshine Rule Making Progress

Pharmalot reports that the Sunshine Act, which is meant to make the financial connections between physicians, researchers and the pharmaceutical industry public, is coming...

An Honest Look at “An Honest Look at Mental Illness”

The Connecticut Forum ("a one-of-a-kind nonprofit based in Hartford, CT that presents live, unscripted panel discussions among renowned experts and celebrities, and community outreach...

Is Good Mental Health About Learning to Live Better with Fewer Resources?

An op-ed in The Advertiser begins with a quote from Carl Jung: “The foundation of mental illness is our unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering.”...

“This Nursing Home Calms Troubling Behavior Without Risky Drugs”

NPR Shots explores a nursing home where "residents can always find something to do," and where use of antipsychotic drugs has dropped dramatically. This Nursing...

“What is Mental Health? How Do We Create it?”

The Civic Commons, "a national network of independent therapy and life coaching centers" invites Mad in America readers "to join an international conversation on...

“Suffering From Depression? Take a Course of Surf Lessons! Doctors Prescribe Watersports for Young...

A pilot program of Britain's national health service prescribes surfing lessons for youth with anxiety disorders. 'What is great is it doesn’t feel like therapy...

“Your Child’s Religion may be ‘Mental Illness'”

“Fastidiousness to religious practices” may be a sign of mental illness, according to an article on Time Mgazine's website. "It’s not unusual that children...