Friday, February 26, 2021

Why Would Depression Be Linked to a Doubling of Risk of Stroke?

"Depression can double risk of stroke," reported many news outlets, covering a study by Harvard School of Public Health researchers in the Journal of the American Heart Association

Denmark to Hold Psychiatrist Responsible for Suicide

The Danish Agency for Patients' Rights is holding a psychiatrist responsible for a patient's suicide, which came 11 days after an 8-minute consultation that...

Paternal Age Associated With Children’s Mental Health

A study in JAMA Psychiatry finds that the association between advanced paternal age and psychiatric and academic morbidity is stronger than previously estimated, and...

Early Life Stress Can Cause Adult PTSD, Even Without Memories

Research from UCLA finds that rats exposed to early life trauma showed aberrations  of stress hormones, receptors in the amygdala, and inhibited or avoidant...

“Fuzzy Thinking” Common to Bipolar and Depression? Or to Psychotropics?

Women diagnosed with bipolar or depression did not perform as well on tests measuring the ability to "sustain attention and respond quickly."

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