Wednesday, December 7, 2022

For People “At Risk for Psychosis,” Antipsychotics Associated with Worse Outcomes

Researchers studied whether antipsychotics could prevent transition to full psychosis and found that the drugs worsened outcomes.

Time’s Up: Culture of Denial Impacts Mental Health of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Study finds that not believing sexual abuse survivors often leads to self-blame and mental health issues.

Study Links MDMA Use and Self-Reported Empathy

Users of the substance ‘MDMA’ are reported to have higher emotional empathy than users of other drugs.

Fava: Antidepressants in Severe Cases, Short Duration Only

Giovanni Fava has published an integrative analysis of the different sources of scientific research into antidepressants in Psychotherapy and Somatics. “The use of antidepressant...

Psychiatrists Discuss Psychiatry’s Poor Public Image and What to Do About It

The January 2015 issue of Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica has a section of freely available articles discussing the public image of psychiatry from a variety...

Effects of Exercise on Depression Underestimated, Review Finds

A new meta-analysis finds that the large antidepressant effects of exercise may have been underestimated in previous reviews. This latest report, published this month...

Study Finds ADHD Drugs Alter Developing Brain

A new study, published in the JAMA Psychiatry, investigates the effect of stimulant ‘ADHD’ drugs on the brains of children and young adults. The...

Māori Approach to Mental Health Offers Empowering Alternative to Western Psychiatry

A new article explores Mahi a Atua, an affirming indigenous Māori healing practice which stands in contrast to the Western psychiatric methods typically promoted by the Movement for Global Mental Health.
Doctor and patient

Barriers to Shared Decision Making in the Prescription of Antipsychotics

Researchers push for a renewed focus on true shared decision-making for patients diagnosed with psychosis.

Infant Rats Adopt Their Mothers’ Fears

Newborn rats can "learn" the fears their mothers have, and then will carry those same fears for the rest of their lives, according to...

Economic Deprivation and Social Fragmentation Drive Suicide Rates in US

Major study finds that economic deprivation and a lack of social capital are driving increasing rates of suicide in the U.S.

Even Low Lead Levels Affect Child Behaviors

A team of American and Chinese researchers funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences report in JAMA Pediatrics that lead concentrations in...

The Increasing Placebo Response in Antipsychotic Drug Trials

The American Journal of Psychiatry explores the implications for science and ethics of the rising placebo response rate in trials of antipsychotic drugs, in an...

J&J Whistleblowers to Collect Record $168 million

The whistleblowers who helped to build the case for prosecuting Johnson & Johnson for illegal marketing of Risperdal will take home nearly $168 million...

Suicide Rates Did Not Decrease When Antidepressant Drugs Were Introduced

Researchers investigate the claim that the introduction of antidepressant drugs led to decreases in suicide rates internationally.

FDA Warns About New Impulse-Control Problems Associated With Abilify

Yesterday, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a warning that the antipsychotic drug aripiprazole or Abilify is associated with compulsive and uncontrollable...

Minimal Medication Alternatives for Psychosis Needed

Researchers question the long-term use of antipsychotics and suggest increased research and investment in psychosocial interventions.

Environment is a Primary Factor in Transition to Psychosis

Researchers (including Jim van Os) find, in a three-year cohort study of 1272 people at possible genetic risk of psychosis, that "most transitions (to psychosis)...

Pfizer Settling Chantix Lawsuits

Pfizer is in the final stages of settling 660 lawsuits filed between 2009 and 2012 by people who complained of of psychological problems, including...

First-Person Accounts of Madness and Global Mental Health: An Interview with Dr. Gail Hornstein

Dr. Gail Hornstein, author of Agnes’s Jacket: A Psychologist’s Search for the Meanings of Madness, discusses the importance of personal narratives and service-user activism in the context of the global mental health movement.

Sinead O’Connor Announces: “I’m Not Bipolar . . . I Should Never Have Been...

Singer Sinead O'Connor announced on her website that after several "second opinions" she has learned "I do not in fact suffer from Bi Polar...

Taking “Holidays” from ADHD Drugs Helps Prevent Growth Retardation in Children

It's common for children and adolescents to take prolonged "drug holidays" from their ADHD medications during summer months away from school, and there appear...

FDA-approved Ads Misinform Patients About Antipsychotics and Motor Dysfunction

Food and Drug Administration-approved information and public advertisements are misleading the public about the actual neurodegenerative risks from second-generation antipsychotics.

Short “DUP” Predicts Better Outcome

A Hong Kong study links short "Duration of Untreated Psychosis" (DUP) to better long-term outcome.  The authors propose that factors linked to long DUP...

Death of a Child Linked to Onset of Psychosis

Using data from the National Comorbidity Survey, researchers found that individuals with a psychotic disorder who had lost a child had a significantly later...

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