The Mad in the World Network: A Global Voice for Change

Mad in Ireland is the newest Mad in America affiliate. The network of affiliate sites is becoming a global voice for change.

Mad in (S)pain

A Q&A with the team members who edit and run Mad in (S)pain: "There must be a radical change in the way mental suffering is understood and cared for."

Mad in Finland

The people who run Mad in Finland have experienced profound awakenings in the course of their lives, moments of awareness when they understood the failures of the psychiatric disease model and saw its harms.

Mad in the UK

Mad in the UK describes its mission as “Fundamentally re-thinking UK mental health practice and promoting positive change.”
A map of the world with a green dot depicting the location of Mad in Sweden

Mad in Sweden

Lasse Mattila, founder of Mad in Sweden: "You only ask the question, ‘What’s wrong with you? What symptoms do you have?’ But you don’t ask: ‘What happened to you? What tragedies did you have?’”
A world map depicting the location of Mad in Canada

Mad in Canada

Mad in Canada aims to bridge the “knowledge gap” between practice and science, pushing patient care further up the list of priorities.

Mad in México

Mad in México, which launched in September of last year, exists to make “los abandonados” heard. It aims to amplify those voices, empower them, embolden them.

Mad in the Netherlands

“We had a goal of being a gateway that provides access to international knowledge and information about psychiatry,” said founder and editor Monique Timmermans.
A map of the world depicting the various MIA affiliate locations; Italy's circle is bright green.

Mad in Italy

Mad in Italy's main focus is research, publishing articles on failures of the disease model and the effectiveness of alternate, humanistic approaches. The goal is policy change; the means is data.
A map of the world with MIA Affiliate locations marked with dots. A dot in Norway is bright green.

Mad in Norway

"People are getting some faith back. People are getting some hope, and they are finding each other, and we are building this community of people who want a change."

Mad in Brasil

As is true of all Mad in America affiliates, Mad in Brasil want to see a transformation of the current drug-based paradigm of care, says Fernando de Freitas, psychologist and co-creator of the site.