‘Speaking Grief’ Documentary Asks, ‘What if We Got Better at Grief?’

From WPSU Creative Services: What would happen if we could speak the truth about our pain, and hear the truth about other people's pain? What if we got better at grief?

Dorrit Cato Christensen – Op-Ed Bio

Dorrit Cato Christensen is an author, lecturer and chairman of the Danish association Dead in Psychiatric Care. She devoted her life to helping people...

Flint’s Children Suffer in Class After Years of Lead-Poisoned Water

From The New York Times: The city’s lead crisis has migrated from its homes to its schools, where neurological and behavioral problems — real or feared — among students are threatening to overwhelm the education system.

Vlado C. — Short Bio

Vlado C's first exposure to psychiatry came in his thirties when an antidepressant prescription for mild symptoms turned into a full blown crisis and...

Growing Research Connects Nutrition and Mental Health

A new article reviews studies in the field of nutritional psychiatry and how nutrition can prevent and treat mental health issues.

Mariel Chance — Short Bio

Mariel Chance has a Master's Degree in Sociology and is hoping to be accepted into an MSW program in Boston. She has been an...

Screenings Alone Won’t Prevent ACEs—We Must Address Community Trauma

From California Health Report: Traumatized communities experience a breakdown in connection and trust, which gives rise to hopelessness and makes ACEs more likely to occur.

Yoga and Mindfulness Benefit Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

A new review finds preliminary evidence for yoga and mindfulness-based interventions for youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Simplifying Childhood May Protect Against Mental Health Issues

From Raised Good: Suffering with a "cumulative stress reaction" as a result of the snowballing effect of "too much," children develop their own coping strategies to feel safe.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, or: Play by the Rules, Hysteric!

From Surviving Psychiatry: The idea that the "DBT clinician" is the "master" who holds the authority to assess individuals’ emotions, experiences, and coping strategies, and to "fix" them is, as a premise, utterly disempowering.
Pills against a brown background. The word "ADHD" is beneath.

Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 9: ADHD (Part One)

Peter Gøtzsche discusses the broadening of ADHD diagnostic criteria and the misleading and biased stimulant drug trials.

Derek Pyle – Short Bio

Histories of Resistance and Reform: Derek writes about his project to create a historical record outlining the histories of resistance and reform within and...
A photo of a teddy bear being stepped on by a work boot

Getting A Diagnosis Meant That My Sister Never Had the Chance to Resolve Her...

My sister was told if she took medications everything would be fine. But everything was not fine, and the medications sent her down a path of no return.

Alesandra Rain

Alesandra Rain is an author and prescription drug expert for the O'Reilly Factor, Fox News Channel and ABC, lectures worldwide and is frequently a...

How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children

From TED: What would it be like if we helped parents unpack their own childhood, so they don’t have to carry that baggage and put it on their children’s shoulders?

Jonathan Leo/Jeffrey Lacasse – Short Bio

Rethinking the Broken Brain: Two researchers, writing jointly, take a critical look at the evidence for the biological basis of mental disorders.

This Teen Was Prescribed 10 Psychiatric Drugs. She’s Not Alone.

From The New York Times: The problem of multiple medication use, or polypharmacy, that first emerged a decade ago among young people in foster care and low-income settings, has now gone mainstream.

‘More Like Spin-the-Bottle Than Science’: My Mission to Find Proper Treatment for My Son’s...

From The Guardian: After years journeying through the traditional healthcare system, could radical alternatives save my son from an endless cycle of hospital stays and drugs?

Brenda LeFrancois – Short Bio

Dr. LeFrançois, an ‘indisciplined’ academic and activist, has been deconstructing psychiatric violence for 20 years. She writes about children’s rights, sanism and building coalitions...

Pat Bracken, MD – Short Bio

Pat is Clinical Director of the Mental Health Service in West Cork, Ireland, and a founder of the UK Critical Psychiatry Network. He tries to...

Toxic Schools Worsening Toxic Stress: The Destructive Reign of Standardized Education, Pathology, Medication and...

From HERE This NOW: Advances in science in the last thirty years help us realize the fallacy of "mind over matter," yet we still hold an entrenched belief that children and adults possess 100% conscious control over their behavior.

Project LETS: Building Peer-Led Mental Health Alternatives on Campus

Founder and Executive Director Stefanie Lyn Kaufman-Mthimkhulu talks about the organization's work to support struggling students and end discrimination against them.
A black and white photo of Andrew Rich

In Andrew’s Honor: Attorney Elizabeth Rich’s Fight Against Unjust Commitments

Anyone detained and then formally committed under Wisconsin’s civil mental health laws can initially be held and forcibly drugged for six long months. Yet, for years, not a single person has been able to appeal the six-month commitments in court.

Stuart Shipko, MD – Short Bio

Shooting The Odds: Dr. Shipko is a psychiatrist in private practice in Pasadena, CA and author of Surviving Panic Disorder and Xanax Withdrawal. Drawn...

Monica Cassani – Short Bio

Beyond Meds: Monica Cassani has seen the system from both sides - as a social worker and as a person whose life was severely ruptured...