Dion Zessin – Op-Ed Bio

Dion Zessin is a freelance psychiatric researcher and writer, and author of the book Codex Alternus: A Research Collection of Alternative and Complementary Treatments...

Madness and the Family, Part III: Practical Methods for Transforming Troubled Family Systems

We are profoundly social beings living not as isolated individuals but as integral members of interdependent social systems—our nuclear family system, and the broader social systems of extended family, peers, our community and the broader society. Therefore, psychosis and other forms of human distress often deemed “mental illness” are best seen not so much as something intrinsically “wrong” or “diseased” within the particular individual who is most exhibiting that distress, but rather as systemic problems that are merely being channeled through this individual.

Heather Duke – Short Bio

Heather Duke is a neurofeedback technician at Stone Mountain Center in New Paltz, NY, an outpatient psychotherapy practice that offers neurofeedback among other modalities....

Sheralyn Rose, PhD – Op-Ed Bio

Sheryl Rose is a medical sociologist who has had a lengthy career as a health practitioner and policy consultant journeying from the remote jungles of Papua...
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Beyond Psychiatry: A Trauma-Centric View of Mental Health

Internal family systems therapy is a non-pathologizing method of working toward healing from trauma, a journey of returning to wholeness by reconnecting with ourselves.

School-Based Mindfulness Leads to Stress Reduction, Study Finds

Researchers find improvements in stress-related outcomes among middle school students exposed to a school-based mindfulness training program.

Short Bio – Short Bio

Get Off Prescription Drugs: Psychotherapist Elliot Goldberg writes about his experiences running an outpatient rehab program that helps people get off prescription drugs, and...

Study: Teens Who View Parents as Loving and Supportive Less Likely to Be Cyberbullies

From the Daily Mail (UK): Teenagers who see their mum and dad as loving caregivers are less likely to be cyberbullies than children with...

Stuart Shipko, MD – Short Bio

Shooting The Odds: Dr. Shipko is a psychiatrist in private practice in Pasadena, CA and author of Surviving Panic Disorder and Xanax Withdrawal. Drawn...

Despite Claims, EPA Supplement Does Not Improve ADHD Symptoms in Youth

A new study reports that the supplement EPA improved ADHD symptoms but a closer look calls these results into question.

Adam Urato – Short Bio

Adam Urato is Assistant Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts, and an attending maternal-fetal medicine physician at Tufts Medical Center and...

Paula Caplan, PhD – Short Bio

Paula J. Caplan, PhD, is a clinical and research psychologist, activist, Associate at the DuBois Institute, Harvard University, and the author of 11 books,...

Mariaelena Bartesaghi – Op-ed Bio

Mariaelena Bartesaghi teaches Communication at the University Of South Florida. Her research on psychiatry as an institutional discourse of authority has been published in various...

Toxic Schools Worsening Toxic Stress: The Destructive Reign of Standardized Education, Pathology, Medication and...

From HERE This NOW: Advances in science in the last thirty years help us realize the fallacy of "mind over matter," yet we still hold an entrenched belief that children and adults possess 100% conscious control over their behavior.

David Baksh — Op-Ed Bio

David Baksh,  co-director and cinematographer for Yoghurt Utopia, has had a diverse directing career, which spans broadcast TV, commercials, event visuals and award-winning digital ad campaigns,  making...
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A Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court Could Surge the Psychiatric Labelling and Drugging...

If the Brackeen v. Halland case is successful, Native children are more likely to be placed with non-Native foster parents, and face a surge in psychiatric labeling and drugging.

Sascha Altman DuBrul – Short Bio

Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness: An activist writes of The Icarus Project, which is a network of radical support groups, an arts and...

Otto Douglas — Short Bio

Otto Douglas is a York University graduate whose psychiatric incarceration opened his eyes to a previously unknown world — a world in which human...

What’s Wrong With Students? No—What’s Wrong With Colleges?

From Inside Higher Ed: Rather than blame students for a lack of well-being, colleges should consider institutional factors that contribute to the student mental health crisis, say two college counseling directors.

Emma Bragdon, PhD – Short Bio

Emma Bragdon, PhD, is well-known for her two classic books contributing to the field of Spiritual Emergency (1988 & 1990).  She has also published 4...

Dick Russell – Short Bio

Dick Russell is the author of twelve books, including My Mysterious Son: A Life-Changing Passage Between Schizophrenia and Shamanism, as well as The Life and...

You, Your Kids, or the Doctor… Who’s Running the Show?

Let’s face it, as our kids slowly developing brains wrestle with behavioral and maturity issues while also trying to juggle expectations related to academic and social challenges, some of the behaviors they display can be quite concerning. Understandably, after trying what seems like everything in the books plus the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room sinks, caring and often exhausted parents are actively looking for help, resources and answers. But guess what? Without any need for pharmaceutical intervention or “drug therapy,” for centuries parents have been quite capable of helping challenged children overcome semi-annoying and concerning behaviors that some “experts” want to label today as symptoms of a mental disorder. Behaviors that a billion kids worldwide display every day.
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Rethinking the Nature of Our Woes

Parents must inform themselves about the flaws in the current paradigm if they are to have any chance of thinking sensibly about what might be distressing their child. Toward that end of providing information about those flaws, I interviewed Richard Hallam, author of the new book Abolishing the Concept of Mental Illness: Rethinking the Nature of our Woes.

Philip Thomas – Short Bio

English Madness: Co-founder and former co-chair of the Critical Psychiatry Network, psychiatrist Philip Thomas writes of madness, meaning and culture.

Emotions Are Not Bad Behavior

From The Natural Child Project/Robin Grille: Time and time again, children are heavily reprimanded for committing the offence of crying or being angry.