Wednesday, December 6, 2023

New Narrative Game Raises Awareness of ACEs & Their Impact on Youth Mental Health

From iThrive Games: Children of the Flame was created by youth designers at the SEED (System-Educated Expert Disrupters) Institute to raise awareness of trauma and trauma-informed practices.

Marta E. Pagán-Ortiz – Short Bio

MIA-UMB News Team: Marta E. Pagán-Ortiz is a doctoral student and research assistant in the Counseling and School Psychology PhD program at UMass Boston. Marta...
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To Promote Mental Health, We Must Teach It

When we are quick to pathologize suffering, yet do not provide the fundamentals for healthy living, it is inhumanity of the highest order.
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The Year I Lost Everything, Psychiatry Offered Nothing

After a failed suicide attempt following my son's death, New York State incarcerated me in a mental institution for 21 days. The environment was degrading, stultifying, and downright depressing.

Matthew Morris – Op-Ed Bio

Matthew is the Operational Director for Stepping Stones Community Outreach, which is based in Ipswich in the UK. Stepping Stones Community Outreach is part...

Brent Potter, PhD – Short Bio

Brent Potter, PhD, has been a clinician for 20 years, and is the author of Elements of Self-Destruction, Borderline Personality Disorder: New Perspectives on a Stigmatizing and...

Lisa D. – Short Bio

Lisa D. is a psychiatric survivor, wife, and mother of five adopted children who owns and operates an off-premise catering company with her husband....

Julie Wood – Short Bio

Julie is a CPA, CA and MBA who changed careers when she lost her son, John David, to the effects of psychiatric drugs in...

Screening for Perinatal Depression: An Effective Intervention, or One That Does More Harm Than Good?

Why does the U.S. describe perinatal screening as providing a proven benefit, while the task forces in the U.K. and Canada see no evidence of such benefit?
Opening Up: The Parenting Journey by Anne Peretz

Book Review: “Opening Up: The Parenting Journey”

This is a book about stories, urging families to recognize their own strengths and create new narratives on the path ahead.
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Students Don’t Need Spying, They Need Trust

Surveillance exacerbates anxiety, destroys trust in relationships, and diverts money away from effective treatment.

Ed Pigott, PhD – Short Bio

The STAR*D Scandal: A psychologist who has spent five years “deconstructing” the NIMH’s large study of antidepressants tells of his findings, discusses his published...

‘We Have a Neck’: Psychiatrist James Greenblatt on The Links Between Body and Brain

James Greenblatt is an innovator and longtime authority in the fields of integrative medicine and functional psychiatry, focusing on nutrition and other natural modes...
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My Son and the “Mental Health” System

As a father whose 27-year-old son is trapped in the mental health system, I am painfully aware that I have been unable to protect him. At age 19, my son naively told his mother and his doctor that he was hearing voices, marking the beginning of a hellish nightmare which he is still unavoidably immersed in. I would like to explain my perspective on why this is the case.

David Hidajattoellah – Short Bio

David Hidajattoellah is an English/maths teacher, educational scientist, statistician and philologist in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I work as maths/statistics teacher, peer support teacher and senior researcher at...

No, the FDA’s Black Box Warning Did not Increase Suicides

Researchers again debunk the claim that the FDA black box warnings on antidepressants led to more suicides.

Alec Grant, PhD – Short Bio

Troubling Mental Health Nurse Education: Alec is employed as Reader in Narrative Mental Health at the University of Brighton, UK. His main research and...

Nesrin Shaheen – Short Bio

Nesrin Shaheen is a director and founding president of the Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation in Canada. Her daughter was the first positively identified case...

Joanna Moncrieff, MD – Short Bio

Dr. Moncrieff is a Senior Lecturer at University College London. She is one of the founders and co-chairperson of the Critical Psychiatry Network. She has written...

Vlado C. — Short Bio

Vlado C's first exposure to psychiatry came in his thirties when an antidepressant prescription for mild symptoms turned into a full blown crisis and...

How to Involve Youth in Their Own Mental Health Care

Clinicians play a key role in empowering adolescents and their parents to make decisions about their mental health treatment.

Katie Higgins – Op-Ed Bio

Katie Higgins has been a registered nurse since 1974 and an adolescent psychiatry nurse since 1988. She has worked in child psychiatry at Johns...

The Biology of Loss: Recognizing Impaired Attachments & Fostering Resilience | Gabor Maté, MD

From BC Provincial Health Services Authority: Dr. Gabor Maté illuminates the sources of developmental challenges, childhood and adult mental disorders, and physical health issues as originating in the prenatal, perinatal, and early childhood periods.

Lexapro for Children: Drug With No Meaningful Benefit and Increased Suicidality Gets FDA Approval

Response and remission rates were the same in the drug versus placebo groups, and Lexapro increased suicidality sixfold.

Amphetamines Have Long-Term Effects on Adolescent Brain, Study Finds

A new study published in the journal Neuroscience finds that rats given regular doses of amphetamines during adolescence have brain and behavioral changes in adulthood....