Bearing False Witness: Childhood Psychiatry, Trauma, and Memory

Through journaling, I realized that my lifelong confusion surrounding my memories of traumatic events was the direct result of the psychiatric labels and drugs I swallowed alongside years of parental abuse.

SSRI Use During Pregnancy Alters the Child’s Brain Development

Reduced brain volumes due to SSRI exposure in pregnancy was not explained by maternal depression alone.

Susan Musante, LPCC – Short Bio

Susan Musante, LPCC was the founding director of Soteria-Alaska and CHOICES, alternatives to conventional community mental health services directed and provided primarily by people...

Charles Duncan Wright, MD – Short Bio

Duncan Wright, MD, is a member of the Critical Psychiatry Network and lives in Philadelphia.
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Beyond Labels and Meds—Closer Look: Isabella Castillo

At times I tend to feel invisible. Sometimes I don’t feel like I fit in with everyone else; I feel like an outsider.

Defund Social Workers: Cops by Another Name

From The New Republic: If you measure in terms of the power to coerce, surveil, and inflict lasting harm, social workers are, thanks to the nature of the job, cops by another name.

Technology Not a Strong Factor in Adolescent Well-being, New Study Claims

A new study suggests digital media use among adolescents has a smaller negative effect on well-being than bullying or smoking marijuana.

Digital Media Use Linked to Increase in ADHD Symptoms

Increased frequency of digital media use can increase symptoms of ADHD among adolescents, study finds.

Anoiksis – Op-Ed Bio

Bill George was born in England and emigrated to the Netherlands in 1975. He worked for a Dutch academic publishing house despite his diagnosis...

Marta E. PagĂĄn-Ortiz – Short Bio

MIA-UMB News Team: Marta E. Pagån-Ortiz is a doctoral student and research assistant in the Counseling and School Psychology PhD program at UMass Boston. Marta...

Julie Greene – Short Bio

After three decades as a "patient," Julie Greene began to write about human rights abuses in the System, a battle that almost killed her....

Jim Probert – Op-ed Bio

Jim Probert is a psychologist at the University of Florida Counseling and Wellness Center. He talks openly about his own lived experience of emotional...

Mary Fry, ND – Short Bio

Integrative Naturopathic Mental Health Care: Mary Fry, a naturopathic physician, discusses her vision of an effective and collaborative integrated mental health care system that includes...

Elizabeth Kenny – Short Bio

Elizabeth Kenny is an actor, playwright, teacher, and lecturer. Both her blog here and Sick, a solo performance written and performed by Elizabeth, explore a patient’s...

Peter Simons – Short Bio

MIA-UMB News Team: Peter Simons comes from a background in the humanities where he studied English, philosophy, and art. Now working on his PhD in...
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National Survey: Students’ Feelings About High School Are Mostly Negative

From Yale News: Ask a high school student how he or she typically feels at school, and the answer you’ll likely hear is “tired,” closely followed by “stressed” and “bored.”

Concern as Proportion of Children in England on Antipsychotics Doubles

From The Guardian: Although the overall percentage who were prescribed antipsychotics was relatively small, experts consider it a worrying trend since these powerful drugs carry serious safety risks.

Julie Wood – Short Bio

Julie is a CPA, CA and MBA who changed careers when she lost her son, John David, to the effects of psychiatric drugs in...

Generation Sedated: Why Record Numbers of Our Children Are on Antidepressants

From The Telegraph: "Looking back now, I wanted someone to listen to me," said Sam Taylor, 19. "It was guidance I needed, not a prescription."

John Breeding, PhD – Op-Ed Bio

John Breeding, PhD, is a psychologist with a well-established private counseling practice in Austin, Texas. A significant part of his work involves counseling with...

Problem-Solving Through Skills-Building: Motivating Kids to Change

Children can overcome all sorts of difficulties by learning specific behavioural or emotional skills with the help and support of their social network.

Jason Renaud – Op-Ed Bio

Jason Renaud is a social justice campaigner living in Oregon. He is a founder of the Mental Health Association of Portland. His film, Alien Boy:...

From Horse Ranch to Home Ground: Healing Families via Telehealth

Since COVID, NISAPI has transitioned our collaborative therapy setting from barns and fields to kitchens and living rooms. Our clients report similar positive outcomes with telehealth as in person.
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Kick Big Pharma Out of the Classroom

School-based strategies such as the “talk to your doctor” campaign about any childhood problem have been extremely effective in helping the pharmaceutical industry to marginalize traditional child-rearing practices and replace them with advice from mental health “experts” and the use of dangerous drugs. These campaigns are reminiscent of now-illegal vintage tobacco ads in which doctors endorsed cigarette smoking.

How “Mental Health Awareness” Exploits Schoolchildren

Imagine being a parent at a meeting with educators to discuss Johnny's academics or behavior. Suddenly, your child’s teacher is telling you that he needs to see a doctor for an assessment of a suspected “mental disorder,” which usually leads to a prescription for medication. Warned of “the risks against failing to intervene,” you will likely acquiesce.