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The Price You Pay by Anonymous

If you have never dropped out of school for mental health reasons, you probably wonā€™t cry tears of joy on the car ride over to...

Connectedness at School Related to Studentsā€™ Emotional Health

New research highlights differences in levels of school connectedness among students diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders,

School-Based Mindfulness Leads to Stress Reduction, Study Finds

Researchers find improvements in stress-related outcomes among middle school students exposed to a school-based mindfulness training program.

Teacher Wellbeing Matters for Student Mental Health

Teacherā€™s personal wellbeing plays a role in studentsā€™ mental health outcomes, suggests a new study.

School-Based Program for Anxiety and Depression Shows Promise

Researchers evaluate the impact of a school-based prevention program on anxious and depressive symptoms.

Researchers Highlight Pitfalls of Cognitive Assessment in Schools

Historical, current, and potential future complexities of cognitive assessment; a longstanding, controversial fixture in schools throughout the United States.

Increasing Physical Activity in Schools May Improve Mental Health

A new article suggests integrating physical activity throughout the day may help to address the mental health of students.

Growing Evidence for the Link Between ADHD Diagnosis and Age at...

Researchers detect a striking relationship between the month of school enrollment relative to peers and patterns of ADHD diagnoses in a large sample of elementary school students throughout the US.

Exploring the Role of Community Engagement in School Psychology

New research emphasizes the impact of school connectedness and community engagement interventions on students' mental health.

Teen Mental Health Crisis Magnified by Demise of Creative Subjects

From The Conversation: "To thrive emotionally, young people need their own time and space, that is not explicitly directed at particular outcomes. This should...

Time for a Paradigm Shift in School Psychology Interventions

Why do ineffective classification and intervention processes linger in school psychology, and whatā€™s the alternative?

Yoga Improves Quality of Life for Elementary Students

A new study finds that a school-based yoga program improves third gradersā€™ emotional and psychosocial quality of life.

Outdoor Education Tied to Psychological and Academic Benefits

How the satisfaction of basic psychological needs (BPN) in outdoor education environments can peak student interest and boost intrinsic motivation.

Race and Class Affect Teacher Perceptions of ADHD Medication Use

Study uncovers teachersā€™ attitudes surrounding ADHD medication use and examines the influence of race and social class on teacher beliefs.

Coping With Trauma in the Classroom

From theĀ Stamford Advocate: Increasing numbers of students have been affected by trauma; almost half of American adolescents have experienced an adverse childhood event. It...

Mirror, Mirror: Study Challenges Notion of a Narcissism Epidemic Among Youth

One study indicates that pointed fingers incriminating youth for narcissism may be pointed in the wrong direction.

First Systematic Review of Leading School-Based Mental Health Programs

Results reflect moderate to strong evidence in support of the non-pharmacological school-based interventions reviewed in the study.

Humanistic Counseling Effective in Schools, Study Finds

Pilot study finds school-based humanistic counseling reduces emotional symptoms in students.