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The Failings of “Mental Health”: How a Seemingly Benign Concept Might...

MIA’s Ayurdhi Dhar interviews Bruce Cohen about dismissive psychiatrists, pervasive psychiatry, and the field's ties to neoliberal capitalism.

Fired for the Truth by Dr. Karan R Gregg Aggarwala

Just yesterday evening they let us know you were gone Joanne the plans they made for you Did not go through The job description just did not...

A Quarter of Mass. Opioid Deaths Are in Construction

From The Boston Globe: " report by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health found that nearly a quarter of overdose deaths in a five-year period occurred...

Can Mindfulness Help With Burnout?

A new study investigates the effects of mindfulness-based interventions on employee’s wellbeing across different workplace environments.

This Is Your Personality Test Result On Capitalism

Personality tests function for an employer, intentionally or otherwise, much like diagnostic criteria function for the mental-health system: these labels determine who gets resources that capitalism itself makes scarce — not only basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter, which require money to obtain, but empathy, understanding and support, which are kept in short supply.

Apply Yourself, Your Whole Self, and Nothing But Yourself

Now, personality tests are being used to determine which side of the wealth gap people will fall on. Who you are is not neutral — the lens your personality-test results will be viewed through is: “are you a good worker?” Any definition of this will likely exclude psychiatric survivors, those labeled by the DSM and those who see, think, hear, speak and feel differently.

The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death

In this piece for The New Yorker, Jia Tolentino discusses how the gig economy driven by apps such as Uber and Lyft leads employees to overwork...

A Quiet Rise in Wildland-Firefighter Suicides

From The Atlantic: Over the past decade, there has been a quiet acknowledgement that suicide is widespread within the wildland firefighting community. Both the trauma...

Playing Up the Benefits of Play at Work

From the Association for Psychological Science: New research has found evidence that play at work is associated with less fatigue, boredom, stress, and burnout in...

Why Having a Bad Job is Worse Than Having No Job

From Big Think: New research suggests that having a stressful, badly paid, or unstable job may be worse for people's mental health than being unemployed. "Focusing...

“I Cried Every Day at Work”: Mental Health Among Doctors

From The Guardian: Doctors are increasingly experiencing mental health issues due to the unrelenting pressure, inhumane working hours, brutal competition, and workplace bullying that is...

One in Five Truck Drivers Experience Mental Health Issues

From ABC News: According to the Transport Workers' Union, one in five truck drivers report having experienced mental health issues due to the economic pressures...

Bill Would let Employers Demand Workers’ Genetic Test Results

From STAT: Last week, the House approved a bill that will grant employers access to employees' genetic test results and other health information. Article →­

Workplace Bullying may be Linked to Long-Term Health Issues

From Psychological Science: A recent study shows that workplace bullying is associated with significant mental health and physical health problems for employees, including longer sick leaves...

“Should You Tell Work About Your Mental Health Condition?”

For Vice, Hannah Ewens explores how employers react to depression and anxiety in their employees. “In a fair world, employers wouldn't judge you for...