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    • And today’s medical community believes the common adverse effects of the antidepressants, and the withdrawal symptoms of the antidepressants, is “bipolar.” Resulting in an unfathomable number of American children being DSM-IV-TR misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” thanks largely to Joseph Beiderman’s greed inspired behavior. And this completely iatrogenic pathway to a “bipolar” diagnosis is considered “appropriate” according to the DSM5. And today’s “bipolar” drug recommendations are known to make people “mad as a hatter,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. Truly, it’s evil. Profiteering off of defaming people with made up “mental illnesses,” then creating the symptoms of the “mental illnesses,” with the psychiatric drugs.

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  1. Hey, you 2 up there – “Fiachra”, & “Someone Else”…. if you keep telling the TRUTH like that, you know….

    Anyway, as regards “antidepressants”, especially the SSRI’s…. Now, heroin & opiate addicts are crushing them up and injecting them. God, I wish I was just making this stuff up, but I’m not. Apparently, when they’re crushed into a powder, and injected, SSRI’s give quite a rush. I’m gonna just take the addicts’ word for that. But it makes sense. SSRI’s are still Rx’d like *CANDY* around here….
    Yes, it was a recent conversation with a close & good friend of mine, who is struggling to remain a recovering addict, where I learned this. And, BTW, the recent emergence of “Narcan”, the opiate antagonist, HAS resulted in a more careless use of opioids, and possibly, more near-death OD’s….
    What’s the Federal DEA & FDA DOING about all this? Well, …….
    (c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

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