1. Well of course, since “nothing else has worked”, ECT/brain injury is obviously indicated. So, when multiple “psychiatrists” provide the type of care that leads to a severe decline including a wish to die and serious “self-harm”, the obvious conclusion is that it is time for some “psychiatrically administered harm/brain injury”. More stumbling, bumbling, refusing to “give up” and say “we have no fucking clue what we are doing”.
    Perhaps love, care, trauma informed support, and removal from a coercive, hope-sucking, and frightening institution would be a start?? Why are her parents supporting continued abuse and accepting misrepresented statistics/facts about ECT’s efficacy and dangers?? Is there a child advocate who can intervene? Mind freedom?
    Torture of a child mandated by the court. Disgusting.

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  2. Please consider sending emails to the newspapers that published the stories on this girl. Tell them you are concerned about what is being done to her.

    Irish Times health dept. address is [email protected]
    Irish Examiner news desk address is [email protected]

    Also, there was a personal account posted in an article years ago of a woman who said she went mute like that girl and was given forced ECT.

    At age 16 I was raped. I suffered severe post-traumatic shock and was taken to a psych ward. I was in a non-verbal state and the psychiatrist upon admission misdiagnosed my condition as “catatonic schizophrenia.” After only four days of observation I was started on a course of 10 shock treatments – which in and of themselves were as traumatizing as the rape.”


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  3. Lock someone in a prison (everyone calls a hospital) , then complain the prisoner is not getting better.
    How about putting someone ill where it looks (sight) beautiful, smells beautiful and sounds beautiful? Our three major senses.

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    • It’s about ignorance.

      When someone doesn’t get on with medication they often end up getting worse and worse – the best solution then is to reduce the drugs very carefully and allow a person to talk to people they can trust.

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  4. I read the article 4 times just to be sure and it never stated what the girl wants.

    “whose depressive illness has become so severe that she wants to die and attempts to injure herself including by running at walls and kneeing herself in the head.”

    Oh come on, these places justify all their abuses in the name of preventing suicide so naturally some people begin to believe that suicide is the best retaliation against the people mistreating them.

    I hate psychiatry.

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  5. She’s probably on a drug cocktail (prescribed, of course) that’s literally driving her insane. Has anyone in her “treatment team” or family actually read the warning labels on the boxes the pills come in???? They cause this stuff.

    Poor kid…she’s probably read the labels and knows how useless the doctors are and hates her parents for what they’re putting her through. She’s powerless and she’s being tortured.

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    • The key differential diagnosis, most likely never recognised or probably never even considered, is AKATHISIA. Did the self harm and suicidality precede, – or did it follow introduction of SSRI / SNRI or other akathisia inducing prescription “medications”,
      – or changed dosages and/or components of psychiatric drugging?

      Please see: –

      Eikelboom-Schieveld SJM / Lucire Y. / Fogelman JC. *
      Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine.
      2016 doi: 10 1016/j.jflm. 2016.04.003.

      *The Relevance of Cytochrome P450 Polymorphism in Forensic Medicine and Akathisia Related Violence and Suicide.

      The authors observe: –

      ” The combination of medication, fluctuating restlessness, suicidality, aggression and toxic hallucinations are pathognomonic of AKATHISIA”.
      “We cannot find any other diagnosis in medical taxonomy that combines suicidal and aggressive thoughts with medication, nor any other that recedes WHEN THE CULPRIT DRUG HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY”.

      (My high-case emphasis).

      The need for UTMOST CAUTION and expert guidance in tapered withdrawal is
      STRESSED in view of the risk of decreased psychotropic drug levels inducing or exacerbating AKATHISIA. This is of PARAMOUNT importance.

      I share your sincere concern Kim, It is entirely possible that all of this young woman’s suffering is iatrogenic.

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    The depression set in after the naso-gastric tube went in. Hmmm. Have any of those people had to endure an NG tube for any length of time? I have, and in the wrong gauge. Funny the nurses didn’t offer me the small (pediatric) one when I told them how much it hurt every time they asked. And they had never heard of Chloraseptic spray for sore throat. And I never did figure out why I wasn’t allowed to drink anything, not even water, for a week, given that the NG tube was continuously delivering the contents of my stomach to a clear container mounted jauntily on the wall a few feet from my head.

    Why don’t they try EVERY thing before ECT? Maybe morphine, or Adderal, or both. Or Cannabis. Those are all old, predictable drugs and they actually do what you think they will the moment they hit your bloodstream.

    The think about not wanting to eat is that it feels like not wanting jump into an icy sea. You really do not want to. Not that it seems as aversive as that, but when you don’t want to do something, you can’t make your hands and mouth cooperate. You can no more “make yourself eat” than you could make yourself leap into the icy sea.

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    • I was just writing on another story about when I was sick from Zyprexa withdrawal and couldn’t eat. You simply CAN’T eat. I know what that’s like. I thought it was going to be my death.

      But not only predictable drugs like like you mentioned but how about a bottle of beer ? Depressed and needs calories well a beer kind of helps with both those things sometimes and alcohol also can help appetite .

      OMG what am I thinking giving alcohol to a teen ??? I should just shut up and let the ‘experts’ use 400 volts and induce some seizures right ?

      Imagine they came into the room and said we are not going to be doing psychiatric hellhole lockup today but instead we are going someplace cool to drink some beer and maybe smoke some cannabis to see if you feel any better ?

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      • Beer saved me when I either had DAWS or long term “mild akathisia” (it exists), but I sure took flak for it from my self-righteous sober sister, who is on Strattera, Celexa (or similar), and Seroquel for sleep. (She believes there’s no withdrawal with Strattera because it says so on the label. That would be cool.) The misery/dread/despair was un-Godly and I wasn’t about to take more weird molecules. Ethanol is an old friend of humanity and can be used wisely. Hope this isn’t sacrilege.

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