People of Great Britain! Our Beast Descends Upon Your Children


Look out British parents, the plague we started in the US is descending with increased ferocity upon your children. In a period of a little more than one year, 166,000 children were given antidepressants. Of these, 537 were kids age six or under. The overall rate of increase was 12%.

Despite warnings from their own drug-monitoring agency, doctors are becoming more determined to push psychiatric drugs on children in Britain. The excuse is that there are insufficient psychosocial resources under their system of socialized medicine. That is true—but it is not the basic reason. Ultimately, psychiatrists have little to no self-restraint in the harm they do. They are constrained from drugging and shocking people, including children, only by public resistance and lawsuits.

Most of the drugging is done by primary care doctors and pediatricians rather than psychiatrists; but it is my profession of psychiatry that works in partnership with the Pharmaceutical Empire to bring about this wave of destruction upon our children.

I have many wonderful colleagues in psychiatry and psychology in Great Britain. Many of them have been on my radio show, like child psychiatrist Sami Timimi and psychiatrist Joanna Moncrieff. I do not have to ask them to know how distressed they must be by this increased drugging of the children under their profession’s care.

Although doctors have ways around it, the only officially approved antidepressant for children in Great Britain is Prozac for depression. Why Prozac? Because the manufacturer, Eli Lilly, is the cleverest at manipulating studies to sell neurotoxins. And neurotoxins they are. As I describe in my book Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, all psychiatric drugs are chemical poisons that impair and harm brain function. None of them improves or nourishes the brain.

Studies monitored by the FDA have established a doubling of the rate of suicidality in children on antidepressants during 4-6 week trials. This rate will be vastly higher in clinical practice where many of the children are already suicidal, receiving drug combinations, enduring much longer drug exposures, and barely monitored at all.

Antidepressant-induced suicidality in children is well known and found in Black Box warnings in every Full Prescribing Information for antidepressants. Therefore, I will focus on more widespread adverse effects on the brains and minds of children. The results for Prozac and all antidepressants are disastrous.

You will find these and many other studies on on my free Antidepressant Resource Center in sections 1B, 2B and 3B. All were conducted by leading psychiatrists from the drug establishment, and yet they had to admit these tragic outcomes:

Riddle et al. 1991: 50% of children age 8-16 developed two or more abnormalities on Prozac, including aggression, loss of impulse control, agitation, and other manic-like symptoms.

King et al. 1991: 14% of children on Prozac became aggressive or violent.

Wilens et al. 2003: 21% of children with a mean age of 12 developed mood disorders on a variety of antidepressant drugs. These mood disorders included irritability (associated with aggression) and depression. Many became aggressive and many developed anxiety and sleep disorders. Incredibly, 6% became manic and 10% became psychotic.

If these doctors possessed consciences, they would have called for an end to drugging children with antidepressants. They did not blink about continuing to promote them.

Scientific evidence indicates that antidepressants do not help children (see here and here). In light of such high risks to the child’s wellbeing, these psychiatric chemicals are clearly doing more harm than good.

What kind of society would permit this assault on its children? That is a huge question. Importantly, psychiatry and the Pharmaceutical Empire, as well as the government, are probably most responsible. Any one of the three, acting in an ethical manner, could put an end to this horror.

Professionals and concerned citizens from the US and Great Britain should join hands and hearts across the ocean to save our children. If we do not, more and more will be given these drugs; more and more will develop adverse mental and behavioral effects; and more and more will be given additional drugs to control the adverse effects, driving the children into becoming lifelong consumers of prescribed neurotoxins.

By starting children on antidepressants, we rob them of fulfilling their potential as human beings. They will never know who they really are or who they might have become.


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      • No, not medicating, and not drugging. Let’s call a spade a spade – these substances are nothing short of poisons. The antipsychotics originated from the pesticide industry with phenothiazine – in fact, it is this antiparasitic action which made it effective against malaria. It’s derivatives include Thorazine and Mellaril among others. Phenothiazine’s discovery as an antipsychotic came during human toxicity testing by the pesticide industry, and is what led to the development of Thorazine. So let’s be very clear that these substances we call “drugs” were originally intended to be poisons and the neurotoxic effects are to be entirely expected.

        Thorazine never treated a medical illness, and it took decades of research to discover how it “worked” to disturb the sensitivity of D2 dopamine receptors. All it has ever truly done is tranquilize people and therefore produce acceptable behavior on psychiatric wards. These drugs – all of them – have never increased any objectively measurable outcome of success in people’s lives – stable employment, independent living, good social connections – they simply made them more compliant patients – at one time making them more manageable in institutions but now making them more manageable by families, most of whom are the source of the traumas that caused the initial distress. This is much to the chagrin of the NAMI Mommies who want to claim they aren’t responsible for their children’s “illness” because it let’s them off the hook. Fake families pretending to be concerned about their family member, often said person turns out to be the Identified Patient whom the family dysfunction is blamed on.

        The whole industry is sickening when you break it down, but to call these poisons medicines or even legitimate drugs really takes the cake and is sadly what keeps the whole carnival show running. The researchers, doctors, and treatment providers handing out the magic pills don’t want you to see what’s behind the curtain. Don’t be fooled by what is essentially modern day sorcery masquerading as medicine. They’d have better results with laying on of hands or speaking magic incantations over us than they have by drugging us.

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          • Fiachra, do you mean the “double talk” about how antidepressants “unmask” “bipolar”?

            Thanks as always, Peter. I will mention it shouldn’t be too surprising for doctors to understand that the antidepressants can make 6% of patients “manic,” since even the DSM-IV-TR points out that the adverse effects of antidepressants should NOT result in a “bipolar” diagnosis. And it shouldn’t be “incredibly” surprising that the antidepressants can make 10% of patients “psychotic,” since all doctors were taught in med school that the antidepressants can make people “psychotic,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning, which is oddly missing from the DSM.

            I absolutely agree, “If these doctors possessed consciences, they would have called for an end to drugging children with antidepressants,” and all the other mind altering, psychiatric drugs. Force drugging children is unconscionable.

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        • Great great comment!!

          ‘The whole industry is sickening when you break it down, but to call these poisons medicines or even legitimate drugs really takes the cake and is sadly what keeps the whole carnival show running. The researchers, doctors, and treatment providers handing out the magic pills don’t want you to see what’s behind the curtain. Don’t be fooled by what is essentially modern day sorcery masquerading as medicine.’

          YES! And their flag is the Skull and Cross Bones!! It is the symbol of danger, piracy, POISON, secret society, death, genocide! THIS is the real enemy behind the curtain. We HAVE to connect the dots, and see the concerted danger all around. Over here it is attacking the young ones. Over there it is attacking the Soil, the Bees, the oceans, the very staple of life, Water. These are all interconnected problems, and the ones responsible for this are the ones who make sure to control others to be dulled down, and suppress freedom of ecstasy, and sense of interrelationship with nature, and others, including other species, and suppress critical thinking. The most pernicious part of their induced dis-ease of terrible loss, sadness, which they term ‘clinical depression/chemical imbalance’ is that many of the victims are not even allowed to KNOW the real reasons they feel like they do. UP springs the gatekeepers, the docs, shrinks, counselors etc. The ‘experts’. ‘They know’ and what chance does a child have up against this concerted evil when many adults are totally unaware of what is going on?

          This is why we MUST go deep. This crisis demands we go as deep as can be and un-cover this matrix of oppression. Once we become aware of it we are already undermining it!

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          • No one has ‘gone deep’ until they look within. For all the world is designed to ‘save us’ from exactly this.
            In the world are many ‘levels’ and some stories serve the wish of forgetting while other are actively getting for a false sense of self.

            As I understand, those who ‘rise through the hierarchies of such secret societies’ to a more ‘insider’ view – have passed through willingness to forsake moral scruple for obedience in return for initiation to ‘higher knowledge’ and privilege.

            However a true moral integrity is an undefended honesty of Self and not a subordination of self to an other – regardless the carrot and stick that the other can wield.

            The ‘Lucifer’ agenda – as I see it – is not money or even power – excepting as means to the death of the Will, the Life, the Receptive, the Magnetic of true desire.

            It’s carrot is designed to meet your wish for self-specialness, and its stick is the threat of terror in exposure to loss of face, shame, rejection, powerlessness, pain of loss, and fear of fear.

            Pride cometh – then the fall – and yet if the ‘fall’ opens not to a fresh humility – it deepens in vengeance.

            Self-hate works a shadow power because the intensity of the attack is intolerable. Ultimately all hate is self-hate as all judgement is self-judgement – but the recognition of this is not thinking about it – but looking within. All ‘thinking about’ will serve the mind that thinks instead of being still to know.

            At personal level we have judgements of good and ill, innocent and guilty, but the personae are not separately existing little bodies – but always in context of deeper scripting of a conditioning that comes down the generations – at least from the temporal view.

            As long as ‘people’ want to avoid awakened responsibility for Consciousness – they will hide in a fake version called blame.
            Consciousness is inherently challenging to expansion and extension – where the fixed and fixing sense of a self is a self-sacrificing attempt to master or grasp at form as if IT were Reality rather than the embodiment of Intent. In a world of fake (masking) selves nothing is as it seems. The wolf in the sheep’s clothing or the phishing attack and the trojan deceit – the false flag. All of this is the nature of the mask or personae. So beware of reinforcing the script of hate by thinking the hate of evil makes you good, innocent or righteous. All of those qualities belong to your being – not your personality construct – excepting its is brough into alignment with true.
            But yes – its is so that the will to power corrupts and lays waste and kills. But it is not true that the agencies of this are the cause.
            In computing terms there are ‘botnets’ of hacked PCs that become the means for concerted acts of denial, coercion and deceit. This goes on in the background upon certain triggers.
            While we are far more complex – the same has application. Where to hide the trojan but in the very reaction by which to be righteous – or protected, or whatever your unconscious guilts or fears invoke as the avoidance of a sense of sickness that feels toxic to life – and yet which is experience within ourself. The mind splits. Yes there are rage fragments who seek to kill the killers. But that is only to become the instrument of hate unawares… until you are too far in, too invested, to compromised and ‘owned’ to believe there could be any way of escape. The more you know about ‘power’ the more powerless as its agency. But in the old way we would say give all power unto God – to mean take none for yourself. Not because you are powerless – but because in true Author-ity all is Given you as you need it – but in masked imposture everyone sees everyone else as having more or less at each other’s expense.
            I cannot live another’s unfolding – but I can accept my own and become a witness to a different ‘meaning’ than fear makes guilty of.
            Beware the fascination with evil and the ‘dynamic of conflict’ – but look directly on your fears so as to be free to look beyond them.

            If this ‘misses’ you – let it go. I felt the invitation to ‘go deeper’. Fear does not really create – but its conflictedness generates denial and false witness. True creation is innate to being – but fear-defined consciousness is the for-getting of being in dissociations made real by persisting in their framing.

            Look at the beliefs and definitions that generate the narrative experience of the world we (fail to truly) share – and see if you have any housekeeping at hand.

            The attack on the Innocent is the primary symbol of hate justified in attack. What we give is always the measure of our receiving – regardless how we present our self.

            If all converges to a Collective death – then is that as fear defines or a Reset? Live this day well and grow in Wellness – or fear what is yet to come and sacrifice the wellness for what is not here. Sufficient unto the day be the evils thereof – means to me that what comes into my life is part of my responsibility to integrate or release – not by self-efforting but by not presuming power or functions that are not mine. But also – not neglecting the part that is mine.

            Hell is being fed and nurtured – but can you actually communicate to those who believe it saves them? You can only accept them as they are and let them come to recognize they make choices – and have a real choice beyond the habit of their thinking. I cant change anyone – but anyone can elect to change with me in willingness to embrace rather than judge – and find what I don’t expect. Denied feeling-being generates conflicted mind in a constellation of personae.
            True self acceptance is an unconditional embrace… received and spontaneously extended to all. There’s nothing new under the Sun – and the archetypes of a separation trauma roll down the generations.
            But in a mind renewed are all things new – no longer ‘seen’ through the lens of a past made in anger.
            If you truly MUST then you already have and are – but if you try to coerce yourself or others it always comes back at you. Align in true desire by releasing what does not belong in who you truly accept and recognize yourself to be. As you grow in the willingness to recognize and be that acceptance. Its a step by step – but each step is a living cooperation in being and not a sacrifice to avert a feared future. THAT’s how to bring about what you DON’T want! That’s what the ‘over-controllers’ have ‘trapped’ themselves in believing.

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          • With respect, too many words. As well as what these control freaks are doing, there are countless books with words words and more words. heavy laden with words are we. We need FOOD OF INSPIRATION!

            ‘So beware of reinforcing the script of hate by thinking the hate of evil makes you good, innocent or righteous.’ To judge evil isn’t to make one feel pure and self righteous unless you are already judging from a dualistic premise from the start. I am simple calling out the emperor with no clothes, and deconstructing mythology BASED on the duality OF good and evil. This is what mainly women authors, speakers and artists have done, exposing the patriarchy. And this is because they have been one of its main victims for millennia. Ask the slave about the master.

            But yes it is ACTUAL food we need. The so-called war on drugs (how ironic hey?) very much includes war on the psychedelics, and MDMA and cannabis, and thus is a war on consciousness and nature.
            When I take psychedelics, I avoid books with words, and numbers, and writing, and rather an ecstatically attracted to the sensuous world. it is THIS world the control freaks try and divide us from! They do not want us having access to freely growing plants and fungi which can inspire joy, creativity, inspiration. They say these natural plants and fungi (and substances like LSD) have ‘no medicinal value’. Well after all they ARE the ‘experts’ you know!

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  1. Q “What kind of society would permit this assault on its children? ”

    The “help” for the children is done one by one individually, so it is not perceived as an assault.

    All doctors are guilty for allowing the drugs to be called medicine. The medicine has to be declassified as medicine.

    It is a society of sheep following orders. If a person gets angry, they are mentally ill and need medication.

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  2. If I post what I think needs to be done again I shall probably be banned.

    Enough of the comments, where is the action?

    Where is the organising?

    Where are the banner drops, invasions of pharmacies, Dr’s offices, Big Pharma offices, MP’s offices and schools?

    Where is the publically organised outrage?

    Breggin and co gives the info. Nothing will change until people get of thier arses and take action.

    Breggin and co will not organise the masses, they will not lead ACT UP type campaigns. It us up to us.

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    • Thank you for this article, Dr. Peter Breggin. Children and families in the UK are indeed threatened by the beast of psychiatric drugging.

      Thumbs up, John Hoggett. Action is definitely needed, and on a large scale, to expose the fraudulent nature and the deadly consequences of this wholesale drugging.

      The way to treat children is with guidance and love, not drugs. Drugs, neurotoxins, like other forms of pollution, are not good for children and other living organisms.

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  3. I could call the blindness of the egocentric sense the evasion of responsibility under the belief that truth damns, is fearful and must be denied. Power is given to that which ‘saves us’ from exposure that our mind is predicated upon the avoidance of, escape from or hiding from.
    Running away from a feared ‘intimacy of being’ but believing we are as a diversionary mind paints itself.
    But true awakening responsibility is the revisiting or noticing of a fear-blind reaction of habit or conditioned thinking such as to own what was ours all along – within the freedom to release it for a better choice.

    The demand for ‘unconsciousness’ via any and every means is active as the driver of our society, economy and world view. Its characteristic is blame and shame, with hate and pain running beneath.

    Abiding with, and feeling into, what otherwise triggers the recoil of our attention and the covering over with judgemental narrative ‘reality’ is from a different foundation than the mind that believes it thinks alone.
    No matter how I or anyone may articulate the journey of willingness, there is no one can substitute for you own.

    Alarmism feeds our fears and blames but a true alarm awakens to a present awareness from a misperception. The willingness for true presence is not a set of demands – but a willingness to release them when we notice we are enacting them.

    Fear seems to be something that happens to us – but is really something we set ourselves up to suffer. Unlearning deeply trained habits is an orientation for Life and not a quick fix – but in any now moment the immediate result is of remembering and opening from our true willingness rather than persist a narrative sense of control under threat or siege.

    Speaking truth to those who give power to a false sense of power and personal protection (at expense of true) needs to embody what we say and not just be right in a way that makes them wrong – even if they are identifying insanely.

    Love is the capacity to be with what is real here – unconditionally and our willingness for true relation is not the same as fighting the shadows of what we most hate or abhor in ourselves.

    I have met deep psychic-emotional suffering in my life in a number of ways and find that that is part of waking up from being run by hidden fears. But the first such episode – whilst breaking of my sense of reality and the ‘self’ I seem to be in it – also opened a quality of truth or Life that for nothing would I want to cover over or lose… even though back then I was terrified and unmanned by my conflicted mind in being.

    It seems to me that when one ‘bottoms out’ – a false foundation is finally exposed… and immediately replaced with true. This grace is nothing to do with deserving or any thought or act of my own – but an ancient hate was replaced by a present loving. That did in no way perfect me in my being in the world – but it does abide beneath appearances as a basis for the undoing of what fear made – as it arises or unfolds in this or that situation, relationship or encounter.

    Undo fear by acting from a different appreciation. Pause from making decisions when conflicted or emotionally triggered to react and feel for your willingness for true, for wholeness of being that always opens or stirs a recognition from which a good step can be taken.

    Running on auto pilot seems easy because over millennia it has become entrained as a second nature. But its cost is a self-denial that rises from beneath and reflects from our world – to deny and deprive us of our joy in freedom – and recognition of Life in each other as our self.

    Reversing this reversal first calls for a true foundation – and the rising in our world of the exposure of the false IS the Call to a true foundation – which IS the Call to Joy – though the ‘ego’ sees only the fear of loss of control. But what has this ‘control’ brought us, honestly?

    As long as we think someone or something ELSE has to change, we persist in refusing our own transformation. What then is asked of me? Be sure you are never called upon to be someone you are NOT and so you recognize who you ARE as a resonance of freedom to BE who you are – regardless external circumstances – for you are the freedom that gives meaning as you are willing to accept it for yourself.

    A deep sense of self-unworthiness is pervasive to the underside of the mask that looks out – whether conscious or not. Trying to cover over or fill a sense of lack only reinforces the belief in lack – even if you run a pharmaceutical company, are a doctor, a psychiatrist or under the belief you have become ‘more’ while others are ‘less’ and have the right or the duty to enforce their ‘good’ upon them.

    Psychic-emotional conflict is the underlying need for reintegration and healing, even when there are physical manifestations to address within a larger picture of dis-ease. Yet everything that our ‘mind’ is and does is predicated upon denying the reliving of this – so at most we may ‘see’ it in ‘others’ and attempt to fix them. So we need a renewal of our mind rather than a new set of clothes for a naked wannabe emperor.

    Fear runs its world through the mind that mask its fear and hides in appearances. So to be afraid and recognize it – is an awakening relative to merely running without recognition. If this is a beachhead, then commit to expand it – and notice where it is ‘lost’ to blame thinking. But also notice that when you are found again in your willingness – you are simply back on track and didn’t ‘go’ anywhere while engaged in old habits. Let habits become choices and let choices become present alignment with a felt sense of worth – even if all that can be felt is that worthlessness feels crap and there must be another way to see than this.

    Most ‘politics’ is a diversionary sideshow from political agenda masked in white coats! Discernment is KEY – but remember, it takes one to know one, so the discerning of true is not a guilting and manipulation agenda.
    The ‘capture’ of the mind is reflected in the capture of the institutions that were intended to serve us. If you get me on this – USE awareness of deceits to uncover your own ‘entanglements’ or ‘hidden correspondences’. Like a computer – look to the integrity of your thinking and be vigilant for back doors by which you are robbed of your peace and set in reaction to a false framing of your existence.
    Nothing I wrote is about ‘living up to’ something that sets you up to fail. But persistent aligning in what you do enjoy or appreciate grows a base from which to be curious as to how you invalidate yourself. Perhaps blaming others as a cover story when you withdraw permission to be the true of you – and resenting them as a way of not addressing your issue directly?
    The way to your brother is through the centre of You. Without the extension of worth, you cannot know you both have it – and are it. There is no ‘private salvation’ but fantasy thinking enacted over the unrecognized true. Hence the politics of private agenda is mutually agreed fantasy thinking passed off as a currency of legitimate exchange. So yes to the redemption of our word and world.

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    • Thanks Dr Breggin.

      “By starting children on antidepressants, we rob them of fulfilling their potential as human beings. They will never know who they really are or who they might have become.”

      Either way, drugged or undrugged, the child himself, nor anyone knows the outcome of the child. If I had been given to different parents I would not be who I think I am, although I really don’t know who I am anyway.
      But it’s not about that, and I understand your meaning.
      It is about forcing a child to adapt by using chemical restraints. Those chemical restraints that only affect the one tiniest neuron, like a perfect missile. Science is wonderful isn’t it? The drugs affect no other parts of the brain. Right then.
      Drugs replaced hands on control. It is no longer okay to “traumatize a brain” using a strap.
      We saw the pain the strap caused, and the humiliation, shame, self or other hatred or anxiety etc etc, BUT then we went to the silent world of our wonderful knowledge of science.
      I dislike using the word “science”. We call our inquisitive minds and small ‘discoveries’, “science”, and based on that, we allow the infancy of science to experiment, throwing together various chemicals. Using kids is abusive, absurd and Frankenstein like.
      In both cases, the strap and the pill, we first designed a condition that the child should be cured from. People are so desperate for fixes, usually nothing to do with the target of their conceit.
      We all think too much of ourselves, dreadful when we put it into design and use it on kids.
      Perhaps soon we can inject in the womb, (no joke) you know, as a preventative, like a flu shot.
      We think not possible, but I know we are kind of nuts.
      The only thing I can suggest for scientist is just clone. They seem to be the wisest as to what is NOT desirable in humans and so far I figured it’s just about every emotion that causes disruption, either here or there. I suppose they can use their own genes.
      I realize our system is the wheel and sickness the hamster, so not sure what society will do without need for it’s “sickness”. No coffee shops, no pharma, no hospitals, lawyers, cops,….dreadful.
      No diversity?

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  4. I agree you have to be considerably careful what drugs you use on children and they have to be monitored. Doctors will only use what has been proven to work. Doctors in my long life of dealing with them are not monsters. Johanna Moncreif still prescribes so does David Healy.

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  5. Thank you Peter. The truth is these SSRIs are addictive and dangerous especially for children. There is a possibility of informed choice for adults but with children none is possible. Every SSRI should have a black box warning for all age groups, but especially for children. But who will ensure such a warning is heeded? Our FDA whose officials drool over lucrative PHARMA jobs?

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  6. Ay up, Mr Breggin. I do hope you don’t find my uneducated language offensive. Or my intolerable self-confidence, too intolerable.

    You’re a nice bloke. You come across as a thoroughly nice bloke. Of course, so did Rolf Harris. And to many, so did Adolf Hitler. Just to say, I don’t trust “nice”.

    Anyway, your concluding pause for thought:

    “By starting children on antidepressants, we rob them of fulling their potential as human beings. They will never know who they really are or who they might have become.”

    How does someone go about “fulling their potential as human beings?”

    This must — according to my uneducated eye — be a typo.

    But did you really mean “fueling” or “fulfilling”?

    Probability suggests “fulfilling”.

    Thus your closing gambit should probably read:

    “”By starting children on antidepressants, we rob them of fulfilling their potential as human beings. They will never know who they really are or who they might have become.”

    I do not think you’ve thought this through adequately. I get where you are coming from but it is deeply flawed.

    To bring this back to the common theme in mental health discussions (ie. to my self): I was not treated with SSRIs or SNRIs as a child because thankfully my parents were uneducated and thick enough to be wise enough to distrust psychiatry. But had they been even a little bit more educated, no doubt I’d have been medicated from a very early age.

    Yet it has been a devastation. My mania and my psychoses and delusions have been a dreadful devastation. I have not fulfilled my potential as a human being. I will never know who I really am or who I might have become.

    I take solace in the fact that I have yet to encounter a single person who this does not hold true for either.

    God help me if ever I have the misfortune to meet someone that has fulfilled their potential as a human being or knows who they really are.

    I’ve met a few that lay claim to these lofty heights… but o my… what little shits they turn out to be when you get close up…

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    • “I will never know who I really am or who I might have become.”

      Neither would you know if you had been drugged. And it’s also quite possible that you would not have written the above, and who knows what the writing would be. But then, if you had moved to a different country, I guess you woulda been someone else yet again.

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  7. “If these doctors possessed consciences, they would have called for an end to drugging children with antidepressants. ”

    What if the doctors did have consciences and even still prescribed so-called anti-depressants?

    And what if then the majority of children were okay?

    Because that is the reality, Mr Breggin.

    And I am not naive about “okay”. I know how politicised that term is.

    I would like to see Mr Breggin work with young UK children from Rochdale, from Moss Side, from Toxteth.

    What experience does Mr Breggin have of working with children from extremely non-middle class areas?

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    • You sound pssed off, and I can feel your pain, but I don’t think you look deep enough. WHY are children more and more feeling ‘de-press-ed’? Could it be because the very ‘water’ they are swimming (or drowning) in is o-press-ive, do you think, but THAT is well-hidden behind this pernicious mental illness myth which now even targets more and more children?

      Yesterday on a science programme I heard that more and more children are now feeling disconnected from nature!

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      • That I sounded pissed off in your acousto-mind is no wonder, given the variables.

        I’m not an expert on the “modern child-mind”. Or what they are feeling.

        I remember being at a party I wasn’t invited to and it wasn’t very pretty… and what got me was I’d tried to dissociate myself into a space in the living room, behind the door into the kitchen, and this bloke was settling down with the young women, three of them, they were getting their heads down. They all had sleeping bags and pillows. And then this much older fella. I asks him what’s his scene? And he’s telling me he’s the uncle and she’s the niece and I’d rather not be there, as it stood. Why don’t you come and join us?

        It wasn’t a pretty evening, all told.

        I don’t think that uncle knew much about children either. I suppose one come-back might be they didn’t know much about uncles like him.

        I think people are more open to being honest about how shit life often is, how shit it is often lived.

        The next bit is coming to terms and living with that shit.

        People with glasses of wine in their hands quietly offer suggestions…

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