The Unique Way the Dutch Treat Mentally Ill Prisoners


In this piece for BBC, Melissa Hogenboom reports on the way that people who have been convicted of crimes and diagnosed with mental illness are treated in the Dutch criminal justice system.

“One of the unique things about the Dutch criminal justice system is that a person can be judged to be responsible for their crime on five levels. ‘Dutch law differs from English law in that it recognises a sliding scale from full responsibility through to total lack of responsibility, with three levels in between,’ explains one report in the journal Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health. While the diminished responsibility clause in the UK is similar, there is no such sliding scale.

Consider a situation where an individual takes drugs that contribute to a psychotic episode. If they then go on to commit a violent crime, they can be held responsible on some level, as they made the decision to take the drugs. But if the psychotic episode wasn’t drug-induced, they might be seen as less responsible for their crime.”

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  1. “Consider a situation where an individual takes drugs that contribute to a psychotic episode.” Oh, how nice, an admission that the psychiatric drugs cause psychotic episodes.

    “If they then go on to commit a violent crime, they can be held responsible on some level, as they made the decision to take the drugs.” This would imply that there is zero forced or coerced, particularly with lies like the “chemical imbalance theory,” psychiatric treatment in the Dutch system? And all patients are given 100% informed consent? As if all psychiatrists on this planet confess to all their clients, that the psychiatric drugs can create psychosis, prior to the clients agreeing to take the drugs?

    I doubt that’s happening, certainly denying that the psychiatric drugs can create psychosis is the mantra of most the US psychiatrists today. Despite the fact that all the psychiatrists are taught in med school that the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create psychosis, via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    And the article outright confesses there is forced treatment in the Dutch system. The article discusses the reality that when patients “refuse medication. (In that case, van Koningsveld can step in and overrule an inmate’s refusal).” Which would be proof of forced treatment, with drugs they’ve already confessed they know create psychotic episodes. Gee, why would anyone ever logically want to refuse treatment with drugs that create psychotic episodes?

    “But if the psychotic episode wasn’t drug-induced, they might be seen as less responsible for their crime.”

    Am I the only one who sees this as a description of the lack of logic, total insanity, and downright evil of today’s psychiatric system? If a person makes the mistake of trusting doctors, in a society where we are all brainwashed to trust our doctors. Doctors who know their psychiatric drugs cause psychotic episodes, but lie outright to their patients, claiming they cure psychosis, thus the fraud based “antipsychotic” drug class name. Then that innocent and trusting client is to blame, rather than the forced treating, lying, evil psychiatrist?

    The entire “mental health system” is invalid, illogical, and downright evil, thus should be eliminated. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

  2. In police state USA home of the largest prison population in the history of mankind they don’t give a crap if you even committed the crime or not.

    Kalief Browder was sent to Rikers Island when he was 16 years old, accused of stealing a backpack. Though he never stood trial or was found guilty of any crime, he spent three years at the New York City jail complex, nearly two of them in solitary confinement…

    Jerome Murdough’s only crime was trying to stay warm outdoors on a cold night. In a terrible irony, his life ended after his arrest last month when he “baked to death” inside a sweltering jail cell on Rikers Island… City officials (soulless cockroaches) say Rikers Island jail cell housing Jerome Murdough, 56, had overheated to at least 100 degrees…

    Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by police officers…

  3. :”…Sophia was killed just over a month after her depressed and suicidal father was found not to be a risk by a child protection team..”

    “..Antidepressants have been linked to 28 reports of murder and 32 cases of murderous thoughts, in cases referred to the UK medicines regulator over the past 30 years, a BBC investigation has discovered…”

  4. The drug addiction offense!? You think?….I don’t think non-drug use is likely to make anybody more innocent of any crime they should happen to commit. Here, the Dutch system seems to have it’s own version of the insanity defense. They would punish more severely violence committed while intoxicated, and consider exonerating violence that employed the crazy excuse, if that violence was drug free. The real killers, well, those are the ones with the cushy government jobs, aren’t they?

    • “if that violence was drug free.” People can be drug free, but they just quit psychiatric drugs, so are in withdrawal. No one blames the withdrawal from the psychiatric drugs a causative factor in crimes done when psychotic. A famous case in Canada is a man named Vince Li who had had previous experience with psychiatry and their drugs. He could not distinguish reality from imagination and killed – decapitated a person with a knife .

      The holy psychiatric drug can not do anything bad to a human beings brain and thoughts, when going on , or going off of them. Psychiatry is the worship of magical chemicals and all must worship their God.