Petition to Retract Fraudulent STAR*D Report

MIA has set up a petition on that calls for retraction of the STAR*D article published in the Am J of Psychiatry that fraudulently reported a cumulative remission rate of 67% and hid the very poor one-year results. Sign the petition here

Giving Caregivers a Platform: Chandra, Mother of Sophia

This is the story of Chandra and her daughter Sophia (not their real names), who has been in the mental health system since the age of 10.

Update on Retracting the Fraudulent STAR*D Results

Ed Pigott calls for retraction of 2006 STAR*D article in American Journal of Psychiatry.
A History of Fatigue

Book Review: A History of Fatigue from the Middle Ages to the Present

Fatigue has always been in the background, infiltrating everywhere, ruling our choices and life paths—and the pharmaceutical industry has taken advantage.

Inside the Neuroscience Community: Peter Sterling Responds to Awais Aftab

Dr. Aftab objects to my "tirade against psychiatric neuroscience." What Dr. Aftab does not do is address any of my substantive conclusions.
Person behind bars, female hands gripping steel bars, concept of captivity and imprisonment, retro toned, selective focus

Critical Psychiatry Textbook, Chapter 13: Forced Treatment

Peter Gøtzsche discusses the way psychiatry violates international ethics laws by engaging in forced treatment and other abuses.
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A New Vision for Mental Health Care at Soteria Jerusalem

Despite living in Israel for five years, I had no idea that one of the few Soteria houses in the world was only a short train ride away.


Priorities for Future Research on Reducing and Stopping Psychiatric Medicines (PROTECT) study Round 2 survey is now LIVE and will run until mid-October. Please participate here

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Two Faced Mascaron
by Jenn Perren


The STAR*D Scandal: Scientific Misconduct on a Grand Scale

The American Journal of Psychiatry Needs to Retract Study That Reported Fraudulent Results

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