J&J Will Share Research Data, Yale University to Oversee Access

Yale University has agreed to screen access - with Johnson & Johnson's input - to detailed clinical trial data on the pharmaceutical giant's products.  ...

We Believe Drugs with Simpler Names are Less Hazardous

People tend to strongly believe that pharmaceutical drugs with simpler and easier-to-pronounce names have fewer dangerous side effects, according to a study in the...

Janssen to Pay $11M for Failure to Warn of Topamax Birth Defects

A Philadelphia jury yesterday ordered Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen to pay $11 million to the parents of a five-year-old boy for failure to warn...

Strong Placebo Response to Antidepressants Forms Even Before Drug Trials Start

A strong placebo response is apparently more often caused by people's expectations coming into a randomized, blinded clinical trial, than it is caused by...

Shire Refocuses ADHD Drug To Treat Binge Eating

Shire, dissatisfied with the success - but not "resounding success" - of its amphetamine/amino acid combination Vyvanse, is developing the drug (which recently failed...

Connectedness at School Related to Students’ Emotional Health

New research highlights differences in levels of school connectedness among students diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders,

Arkansas AG Petitions Supreme Court Decision Favoring J&J

Saying that the Arkansas supreme court had departed from 170 years of precedent by deciding in favor of Johnson & Johnson on grounds not...

The Changing Face of NAMI

Pete Early, author of Crazy, traces the history of NAMI, including its "complicated love-hate relationship with Dr. E. Fuller Torrey" and shift from his...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Alleviates Depression

Nearly 150 people taking antidepressants had more robust alleviations of their depression after participating in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI), according to research...

J&J Settles Five Cases After Former FDA Chief Says It Illegally Marketed Risperdal for...

Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler testified in an "Expert Report" submitted for a trial set to begin Oct. 9 that "(Johnson & Johnson subsidiary) Janssen's promotion...

In Ireland, Antipsychotic Drugs Used Extensively On People With Learning Disabilities

Over half of people with learning disabilities living in residential centers in Ireland are being prescribed antipsychotics.

Increasing Mental Health Diagnoses of Youth, by Non-Psychiatrist MDs

The mental health care of young people has increased more rapidly than that of adults, and has coincided with increased psychotropic medication use, according...

“A Glut of Antidepressants”

The New York Times reflects on various explanations for the skyrocketing use of antidepressants (the economy, pharmaceutical advertising, the effect of insurance), then reports...

JAMA Editorial: “Confluence, Not Conflict of Interest”

Yesterday, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) released an editorial entitled “Confluence, Not Conflict of Interest: Name Change Necessary.” The authors argue that the phrase “conflict of interest is pejorative,” and a better term “would be confluence of interest, implying an alingnment of primary and secondary interests.”

Sham Paper Published by 149 Open-Access Journals

An article ostensibly showing cancer growth inhibition by a molecule derived from lichen — but which was in fact a spoof written by an editor...

More Than 60% of Female Inmates in Canadian Prisons are Prescribed Psychiatric Medication

The average rate of female prisoners in Canada's prison system who receive psychiatric medication has jumped from 42% in 2001 to over 60% today,...

J&J Asks to Keep Risperdal Studies Under Seal

Law 360 reports that Johnson & Johnson asked a Pennsylvania judge to keep a series of clinical studies related to the drug Risperdal under...

University of Minnesota Suspends Enrollment in Psychiatric Drug Trials

After a second critical report this month about its psychiatry department's ethical practices and conflicts of interest, the University of Minnesota has temporarily suspended enrollment in its psychiatric drug trials.

Study Begins into Violence Against People with Mental Health Issues

A study into prejudice, hatred and violence directed against people with mental health issues is seeking public input.

Joint Crisis Planning Results in Clinically Reasonable Choices

Analysis of 221 joint crisis plans for people with diagnoses of psychotic disorders and at least one psychiatric admission in the past two years,...

One-quarter of Ohio-area Children With Down Syndrome Are Being Prescribed Psychotropics

The odds of a child with Downs Syndrome being on a psychotropic medication increase steadily with age.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Will Stop Paying Doctors to Promote Drugs

In a first for a major drug company, GlaxoSmithKline, the British pharma that was fined $3 billion for illegal marketing of Paxil and Wellbutrin,...

DSM-5 Creates New Off-Label Prescription Opportunities

In the film Avatar scientists are keen to exploit the moon planet Pandora, which is inhabited by 10-foot-tall blue humanoids called Na'vi. To do so they create Na'vi human hybrids called “Avatars” which are controlled from afar by genetically matched humans. When the scientists decide to destroy the eco-system of the planet to gain access to valuable minerals, war breaks out between the humans and the Na'vi. At this point the main character, Jake, who operates an Avatar, has to choose whose side he is on. Eventually Jake's life is saved and transformed by the Tree of Souls, which the humans are trying to destroy. Why are Avatars in the news again? The latest innovation from psychiatric research is using computer generated avatars to help people who hear aggressive voices.

Loss of a Parent in Childhood Raises Psychosis Risk

Children who lose a parent before the age of 3 are 84% more likely to experience psychosis as adults, according to research published in...

Alan Dershowitz Will Work With Justina Pelletier’s Family on “Broader Constitutional Issues”

Harvard Law professor (emeritus) Alan Dershowitz will represent Justina Pelletier in her family's fight to regain custody from the state of Massachusetts and Boston...