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D.C.’s Mayor Fights for Control of Her City at Trump’s Front Door

From The New York Times: Kenneth T. Kucinelli of the Department of Homeland Security compared Mayor Bowser's requests with the mentally ill wanting less medication.

Chinese Philosophy Has Long Known That Mental Health Is Communal

From Psyche: Often overlooked are the ways in which social norms, cultural beliefs and communal attitudes contribute to mental illness.

Why Mental Health Researchers Are Studying Psychedelics All Wrong

From Salon: The rigidity of reductive clinical research belies the organic and expansive nature of the psychedelic experience.

COVID-19 Crisis: People Living in Institutions Must Not Be Written Off

From Deinstitutionalisation: Public authorities struggle to protect the well-being of people in need of care and support those living in residential institutions.

‘Bear Our Pain’: The Plea for More Black Mental Health Workers

From NPR: Dr Rhea Boyd says racism's toll threads through the psyche, manifesting in many ways, and shaping the youngest of brains.

Obituary: Ethel “Effie” Smith, Founder of Consumer Action Network (CAN)

From The Washington Post: Effie's tireless effort to improve service quality and to promote new opportunities for empowerment and recovery have left an indelible mark on DC.

ECT Depression Therapy Should Be Suspended, Study Suggests

From The BBC: The study's joint author, Prof Irving Kirsch, said "The failure to find any meaningful benefits in long-term benefits compared to placebo groups are particularly distressing."

‘We Need Prison Time’: Purdue’s Belated Guilty Plea Gets Skeptical Reaction

From The Guardian: "Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family were directly responsible for inflicting immeasurable harm on communities around this country," said the lawyers for plaintiffs in the National Prescription Opiate Litigation case.

Why Black Psychology Matters

From Psychology Today: Black psychologists such as Joseph White articulated the principles of a positive and strengths-based psychology prior to the formation of positive psychology.

St. Elizabeths Has Increased Usage of Restraints on Patients, Report Says

From The Washington Post: “On multiple occasions, St. Elizabeths staff disregarded the legal and policy requirements of using restraint and seclusion that were promulgated to prevent widespread use and abuse,” the report said.

New Algorithms Fail to Predict Antidepressant Treatment Outcomes

Researchers suggest that because most antidepressant “success” is due to the placebo effect, they may never find a way to predict outcomes.

A Young Black Mother Died During Treatment for Postpartum Depression. Her Family Demands Answers

From The City: Denise Williams's family still doesn't know why the 29-year-old mother of two died after going to New York's Queens Hospital Center last month.

Natives Foster Happy People Without Overthinking

From Psychology Today: Jean Liedloff's 1975 book The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost revealed how native groups in the Amazon intuitively raised healthy and intelligent adults.

NC Pays Psychiatric Units That Break Rules Millions to ‘Care’ for Youth

Around the Web: A newspaper investigation discovered that the state continued to pay psychiatric residential treatment facilities millions when they repeatedly broke rules meant to ensure children's safety and well-being.

A Global Call to Action: Pay Attention to What’s Happening in Trieste Right Now

From Heart Forward LA: An interview with Dr. Roberto Mezzina about the unfolding threat to Trieste, Italy's world-acclaimed, community-based, human rights-respecting mental health system.

Man Arrested in Mistaken Identity Case Locked in Hawaii Mental Hospital for Two Years

From The Guardian: The more Mr. Spriestersbach asserted that he was not Mr. Castleberry, the more he was declared delusional and psychotic by Hawaii State Hospital staff and doctors and heavily medicated, a court petition said.

The Untold Story of Purdue Pharma’s Cozy Relationship With the AMA

From Mother Jones: A look at the AMA’s track record shows that the opioid crisis is the latest development in a long history of dissonance between the organization’s mission and its actions.

The Benefits and Harms of Antidepressants for Youth Depression and Anxiety

From The Mental Elf: Given their demonstrated harms and the fact there exist a number of alternatives, we should be asking whether antidepressants should be used at all in young people.

Trieste’s World-Famous Community Mental Health Program Under Attack

From MindSite News: The appointment of Pierfranco Trincas as director of the Barcola mental health center in Trieste, Italy, has set alarm bells ringing among supporters of this unique system of community mental health.

The Time I Didn’t Get Enlightened: My Silly Visit to the Emergency Psychiatric Facility

From Dan Latner/Medium: I’m baffled that such a pleasurable and transformative experience as I had was immediately pathologized as a mood disorder.

Abuse Allegations Against Britney Spears’ Former Psychiatrist Unlikely to End Conservatorship, Experts Say

From NBC News: Spears told the court that her previous psychiatrist was abusive, but the allegation is neither uncommon in conservatorships nor likely to help her case.

It’s In Your Head: Why Reducing All Problems to ‘Mental Health Issues’ Hurts Humanity

From RT: The framing of an increasing array of social issues in mental health terms raises important questions about how we are being asked to think about the problems that face us.

Britney Spears Was Forced Into Mental Health Treatment. It’s Surprisingly Common.

From Mashable: Research shows that being forced into mental health treatment can be painful, traumatic, humiliating, and may lead to worse outcomes.

‘You Have to Scream Out’: Being Black and Disabled Is a Constant Struggle

From The Atlantic: "I became an advocate not because I wanted to but because I had to, to survive," said Angel Love Miles. "I was not very outspoken at all. But if you’re trying to get home and the bus keeps passing you up because you’re in a wheelchair, you have to scream out."

Surviving Race: Intersection on Injustice, Disability and Human Rights – Dialogues and Retreat 2021

From Open Excellence/Surviving Race: Surviving Race will convene advocates, artists, educators, peer supporters, psychiatric survivors, and white allies in response to the increased visibility of structural racism, systemic oppression, and police violence.

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