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Robert Whitaker Answers Reader Questions on Mad in America, the Biopsychosocial...

On the Mad in America podcast this week we have Robert Whitaker with us to answer questions sent in by readers and listeners.

Sharon Lambert and Naoise Ó Caoilte—Mental Health Podcasts: A Force for...

Researchers from University College Cork discuss their research on the benefits of listening to mental health related podcasts which indicates that podcasts improve mental health literacy, and reduce stigma.

Ten Years of Rocking the Boat: Reflecting on Mad in America’s...

Continuing our 200th podcast, staff members join us to discuss reinvigorating MIA continuing education, science writing and blogs, personal stories, community commenting and family resources.

Jim Flannery: Sorry It’s Not Funny – Comedy, Hip-Hop and Activism

Born and raised in suburban Weathersfield, Connecticut, Jim Flannery was committed at four mental hospitals across the United States. There he received the best care available in the modern world…torture.

Psychology: Flawed as a Science and as Evidence-Based Medicine

Peter Simons covers a paper arguing that “psychology is fundamentally incompatible with hypothesis-driven theoretical science,” another paper finding that evidence-based medicine is more corporate gimmick than reliable science, a study that found psychiatrists deliver the worst-quality healthcare of any medical specialty, and more!

False Positives in Brain Imaging, Unpublished and Missing Trials, and Conflicts...

In our Science News podcast, Peter Simons reports on false positives in brain imaging, unpublished and missing trials, conflicts of interest and more.

How Effective Are Therapy and Medication, and What Do They Treat?

In our science news podcast, Peter Simons covers a study that found both therapy and medication to have very limited effectiveness.

Lithium, Antidepressants, Esketamine—All No Better Than Placebo?

Peter Simons covers a clinical trial that found lithium ineffective at preventing suicide attempts, an essay by Allen Frances on the overdiagnosis of depression and overprescription of antidepressants, a review of the ineffectiveness and dangers of antidepressants, and an analysis that revealed that esketamine failed five of its six clinical trials.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 012 – Listening to her...

How coming to terms with her own relationship doubt and a part of herself she did not want to see brought an executive coach deep compassion for herself and others.

Johann Hari: Stolen Focus – Why You Can’t Pay Attention

Johann Hari joins us to talk about his latest book Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention, in which he examines the reasons behind our inability to focus and seeks to understand how this crisis affects our wellbeing and society.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 011 – Discovering Safety and...

In this episode, we explore how the tendency to attach our personal value to our businesses or professions can push us to overwork ourselves, the body's incredible creative ways to bring itself back into a state of balance and safety, and how trauma works itself both through the body and through our relationships.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 010 – SOLO EPISODE! Sharing...

I recap the major themes that arise in  the guest interviews and share my perspective on how these themes can help us solve personal, professional, and broader collective challenges.

Unscientific Diagnoses Medicalize Normal Human Experiences

In this 30-minute podcast, Peter Simons reports on the latest scientific articles in psychiatry.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 009 – Integrating an Epiphany...

How a ski accident gave a practical philosopher the insight to liberate his own self worth from the judgments of others and to discover his own career path.

Emotional CPR: Heart-Centered Peer Support

Two National Empowerment Center leaders discuss eCPR, a process for helping youth—or anyone—through an emotional crisis using three simple steps.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 008 – Embodying a Message...

How his own madness inspired Matt Ball, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, to cultivate human connection, community and meaning in the mental healthcare system.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 007 – Questioning Primary Beliefs...

How an unexpected business rejection launched a quest for a successful entrepreneur to understand his personal pain and protective strategies.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 006 – Creating the Context...

How a surprising solution to surgical complications helped a business director process her grief and embrace a new calling to help others heal themselves.

Giovanni Fava – A Different Psychiatry is Possible

In this podcast, we hear from the renowned clinician and researcher Dr. Giovanni Fava about his latest book entitled “Discontinuing Antidepressant Medications”.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 005 – Breaking the Cycle...

Breaking the cycle of secrecy and shame: How his own mental health recovery process helped a consulting firm partner understand his past and bring his whole self to work.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 004 – Embracing the Unknown…not...

How a period of chaos and blackouts brought an international trainer to his own vulnerability and nudged him to stop doing everything on his own.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 003 – Speaking About the...

How a mysterious debilitating illness created a human foundation for breakthrough conversations in research and innovation.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 002 – Doing Things Differently...

Joshua Haynes - How growing up in a world of constant change inspired an innovative business and commitment to equality. 

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 001 – Practicing Inner Truth...

How experiencing both an abortion and motherhood inspired an approach to activism that transcends ideological divisions.

Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – Introduction

What do depression, loss, frustration, and conflict have to do with global transformation? You can find the answers in this introduction episode to the Break Down. Wake Up podcast