Feds Close ‘Evidence Based’ National Registry


From Education Week: The Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration has put a halt on the National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices, a database of 500 programs judged to be scientifically valid and effective in the areas of mental health and substance abuse.

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Click here to read the statement of Elinore McCance-Katz, MD, PhD, Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use, regarding the closure of this database.


    • Hey, ‘oldhead”, I usually read the comments first, as I’ve done here. So maybe I’ll have something more intelligent to say after I actually read the article, and the statement. I already heard about this action in a newspaper story. But, for all the words in the story, there was amazingly little *facts* in it…. I don’t think I know enough about this specific issue to really have a good opinion one way or another. So, “oldhead” *WHY* is this such good news? And, knowing Trump, isn’t it possible that what looks to *you*, *now*, as “good news”, might in fact lead to some really **BAD** *NEWS*, down the road….????…. RSVP?…. ~B./

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      • I’m waiting for someone in the know to explain this, like RW. All I know is that all sorts of horrors are rationalized as “evidence-based,” and RW has specifically addressed psychiatry’s lack of a true evidence base. So this seems to represent a refutation of the “evidence-based” meme, at least on the surface.

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  1. This is all politics. The Trump Administration decided that “Evidence based” is a dirty word, so they’re not allowed to do it any more. I’ve always had mixed feelings about “evidence based practices.” It’s often used as a way to promote the status quo over anything else, as status quo “treatments” are the ones that get research funded, and hence are the only ones that have any “evidence base” to draw on.

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  2. Well well well, this is interesting isn’t it.


    “We are now moving to EBP implementation efforts through targeted technical assistance and training that makes use of local and national experts and will that assist programs with actually implementing services that will be essential to getting Americans living with these disorders the care and treatment and recovery services that they need.”

    They concentrate on ‘opioid use disorder’. It’s every single class of psychiatric drug. WAKE UP !

    And who are the local and national experts ? It’s Peter Breggin and all of us..the pharma/psychiatrist survivors.

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